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2 صَوَّى صُوًى He made صُوًى [i. e. signs set up for the guidance of travellers] in the way. (TA. [The verb is originally صَوَّوَ: and صُوًى is pl. of صُوَّةٌ.]) A2: [See also art. صوى.]4 اصوى القَوْمُ The people, or party, alighted in what are termed صُوًى, meaning elevated [or rugged and elevated] tracts of land. (IKtt, TA.) A2: [See also art. صوى.]

صَوٌّ i. q. فَارِغٌ, (K,) so in the Tekmileh, (TA,) applied to a thing, meaning Empty, void, or vacant. (TK.) صَوَّةٌ: see what follows, near the end.

صُوَّةٌ A sign for the guidance of travellers, consisting of stones, (AA, S, IAth, Msb,) set up (IAth, Msb) in the way (Msb) in an unknown desert: (IAth:) or a stone that is a sign [ for guidance] in the way: (M, K:) or an elevated sign of the way, set up in rugged ground: (M:) pl. صُوًى (AA, S, M, IAth, Msb) and pl. pl. أَصْوَآءٌ, (M, Msb, K,) the latter like أَرْطَابٌ pl. of رُطَبٌ, (Msb, TA,) or, as some say, this is a pl., not a pl. pl. (TA.) It is said in a trad., إِنَّ لِلْإِسْلَامِ صُوًى وَمَنَارًا كَمَنَارِ الطَّرِيقِ (assumed tropical:) [Verily ElIslám has signs and marks of guidance like those of the way]. (S.) b2: Hence [the pl.] أًصْوَآءٌ is applied to signify Graves: (S:) occurring in a trad. in this sense. (TA.) b3: And the sing., (S, K,) accord. to As, (S,) signifies Rugged and elevated ground, (S, K,) but inferior to a mountain: (S:) or an elevated and a rugged spot, upon which, sometimes, stones are set up in order that one may be directed thereby to the right way; like ثُوَّةٌ. (M in art. ثو.) b4: And A place of varying, or of coming and going, (مُخْتَلَف) of the wind: (S, K:) a poet says, (namely, Imra-el- Keys, TA,) وَهَبَّتْ لَهُ رِيحٌ بِمُخْتَلَفِ الصُّوَى

[meaning, if the explanation be correct, and the citation appropriate, And a wind blew them (referring to the word جَمْر, i. e. live coals, in a verse immediately preceding) in the place of varying of the places of varying of the wind]: (S:) but Aboo-Zekereeyà, in the margin of his book [or his copy of the S], throws doubt upon the word meaning “ wind ” [in this explanation]. (TA. [See De Slane's “ Diwan d'Amro'lkais,”

p. 20 of the Arabic text and p. 34 of his translation.]) A2: Also An assemblage of beasts, or birds, of prey: (M, K:) on the authority of Kr. (M.) A3: And The sound of the echo: (K:) mentioned by Az; but written by him with fet-h [i. e.

↓ صَوَّةٌ]. (TA.) A4: أَخَذَهُ بِصُوَاهُ, expl. in the K as meaning He took it in its fresh state (بِطَرَآءَتِهِ [in the CK erroneously باَطْرافِه]), is a mistranscription; correctly, بِصَرَاهُ, with fet-h to the ص, and with ر, as written by Az. (TA. [صَرًا and صَرَاوَةٌ, both omitted in the K, are expl. in their proper place in the TA as syn. with جِدَّةٌ and غَضَاضَةٌ.])
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