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1 صَاصَتِ النَّخْلَةُ, [aor. تَصِيصُ,] The palm-tree bore dates which had become such as are termed صِيص, i. e., شِيص; (K, * TA;) as also ↓ صيّصت, (K,) inf. n. تَصْيِيصٌ; (TA;) and ↓ اصاصت, (K,) inf. n. إِصَاصَةٌ; (TA;) all three on the authority of IAar, and the first mentioned by Sgh, in the O; and صَأْصَأَت, from صِئْصَآءٌ [a dial. var. of صِيصَآءٌ, i. q. صِيصٌ]. (TA.) 2 صَيَّصَ see the preceding paragraph.4 أَصْيَصَ see the preceding paragraph.

صِيصٌ, in the dial. of Belhárith Ibn-Kaab, The [bad] kind of dates called حَشَفٌ; (S;) i. q. شِيصٌ; as also ↓ صِيصَآءٌ; (K;) صِيصٌ and صِيصَآءٌ being dial. vars. of شِيصٌ and شِيصَآءٌ. (S.) صِيصَةٌ: see صِيصِيَةٌ, throughout.

صِيصَآءٌ: see صِيصٌ. [It is also said to signify] Dates without stones. (L in art. لقح.) b2: Also The pips of a colocynth that have no hearts, (AHn, S, K,) being husks only; (AHn;) to which a poet likens ticks that have been long left in a desolate place: (AHn, S: *) and so, accord. to some, of anything, such as the melon and the cucumber and the like. (AHn.) صِيصِيَةٌ, (S, IB, O,) or ↓ صِيصَةٌ, (K,) thus in all the copies of the K, but it is a mistake, or a contracted form, (TA,) The weaver's [implement called] شَوْكَة, with which he makes the warp and the woof even: (S, IB, K:) but IB says that its last radical letter is ى, not ص; so that it should be mentioned among the class of infirm words: (TA;) pl. صَيَاصٍ. (S.) b2: Hence, (S,) The spur of the cock. (S, K.) b3: [Hence also,] The horn of the bull or cow, and of the gazelle: (K:) pl. as above, (TA,) signifying the horns of bulls or cows; which were sometimes fixed upon spears, instead of the iron heads: (S:) and to such horns, called by this name, conflict and faction, or sedition, (فِتْنَة,) is likened in a trad., because of its grievousness: some say that the sing. is صِيصَةٌ, [as in the K,] contracted. (TA.) b4: And hence, (TA,) A wooden pin, or peg, with which dates are plucked out [when they are compacted in a mass, closely adhering together, in the receptacle of woven palm-leaves, or the like, in which they are packed]: (K:) likened to the horn of a bull or cow: in this sense, the word is written صِيصَةٌ: and a certain poet changes it to صِيصَجّ. (TA.) b5: [Hence also,] Anything with which one defends himself: pl. as above, (K,) [in the CK erroneously written صَيَاصِى, as though it had the article ال prefixed to it, or were itself prefixed to another noun, for otherwise it is written and pronounced] with the [final] ى elided. (TA.) b6: [Hence also,] A fortress: (K:) pl. in this sense as above. (S, TA.) b7: [Hence also,] A pastor who manages [and protects] well his herds or flocks: (AA, K:) in this sense also written صِيصَةٌ. (AA, as in the TA.)
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