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1 ضَجِمَ, (MA, K,) aor. ضَجَمَ, (K,) inf. n. ضَجَمٌ, (MA, K, *) It was, or became, distorted, or crooked; said of the mouth; (MA, K;) and in like manner one says of the side of the mouth; and of the lip; and of the chin; and of the neck: (K:) and likewise, (tropical:) of a well: and (tropical:) of a wound. (K, TA.) [See ضَجَمٌ below.]6 تضاجم [He was, or became, distorted, or crooked, in the mouth: (see its part. n., below:) and so, accord. to Golius, ↓ اضجمّ and ↓ اضجامّ. b2: And] (tropical:) i. q. اِخْتَلَفَ: (S, K, TA:) so in the saying, تَضَاجَمَ الأَمْرُ بَيْنَهُمْ (tropical:) [The affair, or case, was, or became, complicated, intricate, or confused, so as to be a subject of disagreement, or difference, between them]. (S, TA.) And hence the saying, الأَسْمَآءُ تَضَاجَمُ [for تَتَضَاجَمُ] i. e. تَخْتَلِفُ [meaning (tropical:) Names are dissimilar, diverse, or various]. (TA.) 9 إِضْجَمَّand 11: see the next preceding paragraph.

ضَجَمٌ inf. n. of ضَجِمَ [q. v.]: (MA, K: *) [as a simple subst.,] Distortion, or crookedness, (S, K,) [in an absolute sense; and particularly,] in the mouth; and in the side of the mouth; and in the lip; and in the chin; and in the neck: (K:) and in the nose; (Lth, TA;) its inclining towards one side (Lth, S, TA) of the face: (S, TA:) and in one of the shoulders: (S, TA:) and, accord. to the M, in the bill [for خط in the TA (an obvious mistranscription) I read خَطْم] of the male ostrich: and sometimes in the mouth together with the nose: (TA:) and in like manner (tropical:) in a well: and (tropical:) in a wound. (K, TA.) ضُجْمَةٌ A certain small creeping thing (دُوَيْبَّةٌ) of foul odour, (K, TA,) that stings, or bites. (TA.) أَضْجَمُ Having the quality termed ضَجَمٌ, expl. above: (K:) [or, particularly,] having the nose inclining towards one side of the face: (S:) [fem. ضَجْمَآءُ: and pl. ضُجْمٌ.] And [hence] قَلِيبٌ أَضْجَمُ (assumed tropical:) A well having a crookedness in the wall that surrounds its interior: or that is not dug in a straight, or an even, direction: pl. قُلُبٌ ضُجْمٌ. (TA.) El-'Ajjáj has applied the phrase قُلُبٌ ضُجْمٌ to (tropical:) Wide wounds; as likened to the wells thus termed. (TA.) b2: And [the pl.] ضُجْمٌ signifies also (assumed tropical:) Men who eat much. (IAar, TA.) مُتَضَاجِمٌ Distorted, or crooked, in the mouth, (S, K.)
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