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1 ضَفَرَ, (A, Msb, K,) aor. ضَفِرَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. ضَفْرٌ, (S, A, &c.,) He plaited, braided, or interwove, (S, A, Mgh, K,) hair, (S, Mgh, K,) &c., (S,) or the like, (TA,) or a [lock of hair, such as is called] ذُؤَابَة, and a [girth of thongs such as is called] نِسْع, (A,) in a wide form; (S, Mgh;) as also ↓ ضفّر, inf. n. تَضْفِيرٌ: (S, TA:) he made hair into ضَفَائِر, [pl. of ضَفِيرَةٌ,] each ضَفِيرَة consisting of three or more distinct portions. (Msb.) b2: He twisted a rope or cord. (K.) b3: ضَفَرَتْ شَعَرَهَا, (S, TA,) aor. ضَفِرَ, (TA,) inf. n. as above, (K,) said of a woman, (S, TA.) She gathered together her hair. (K, * TA.) b4: And ضَفَرَ, from the same verb in the first of the senses expl. above, (tropical:) He made, or constructed, a [dam of the kind called]

ضَفِيرَة. (IAar, TA.) b5: ضَفْرٌ also signifies (assumed tropical:) The building with stones without [the cement called]

كِلْس and without clay. (K, * TA.) You say, ضَفَرَ الحِجَارَةَ حَوْلَ بَيْتِهِ (assumed tropical:) [He built the stones around his house, or tent, without mortar or clay]. (TA.) b6: ضَفَرَ البَعِيرَ العلَفَ, (A,) inf. n. ضَفْرٌ, (K,) (tropical:) He put the fodder into the mouth of the camel, (A, K, *) against his will. (A.) And ضَفَرَ الفَرَسَ لِجَامَهُ, (A,) or ضَفَرَ الدَّابَّةَ, aor. ضَفِرَ, inf. n. ضَفْرٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) He put the bit into the mouth of the horse, (A,) or of the beast. (TA.) A2: Also ضَفَرَ, aor. ضَفِرَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. ضَفْرٌ, (S, Msb,) He ran; syn. عَدَا and سَعَى: (S, Msb, K:) or he hastened, or went quickly: or he bounded, or sprang: (TA:) he leaped (As, K) in his running. (As, TA.) 2 ضَفَّرَ see the preceding paragraph, first sentence.3 ضافرهُ He aided him. (A, Msb.) [See also 6.]6 تضافروا They leagued together, and aided one another, (Ibn-Buzurj, S, * A, * Msb, * K, *) عَلَى

الأَمْرِ to do the thing, (S, A, * K,) and عَلَى فُلَانٍ

against such a one. (Ibn-Buzurj.) 7 انضفر الحَبْلَانِ The two ropes became twisted together. (S.) ضَفْرٌ A camel's girth, of plaited [goats'] hair; (K, * TA;) as also ↓ ضَفَارٌ: (K:) the girth of a camel's saddle: (S:) a wide girth of a camel's saddle; as also ↓ ضَفِيرَةٌ: pl. [of mult.] (of the first, TA) ضُفُورٌ (K, TA) and [of pauc.] أَضْفَارٌ; (TA;) and (of the second, TA) ضُفُرٌ. (K, TA.) b2: See also ضَفِيرَةٌ, in three places. b3: Also (assumed tropical:) A great quantity of sand that has become collected together: or a quantity of sand that has become accumulated, part upon part; (K;) and (K) so ↓ ضَفِرَةٌ: (S, K:) pl. [of the former] ضُفُورٌ; (K;) and [coll. gen. n.] of the latter ↓ ضَفِرٌ: (S:) or a long, broad, حِقْف [generally expl. as meaning a winding tract] of sand; by some pronounced ↓ ضَفَرٌ: (Lth, TA:) [or] a حِقْف of sand is termed ↓ ضَفِيرَةٌ. (S.) ضَفَرٌ: see the last preceding sentence.

ضَفِرٌ and [its n. un.] ضَفِرَةٌ: see ضَفْرٌ.

A2: كِنَانَةٌ ضَفِرَةٌ [in the TA ضفيرة, evidently a mistranscription,] i. q. مُمْتَلِئَةٌ [i. e. A full quiver]. (S, O. [Freytag writes كِنانةُ ضَفِرَةٌ, and explains it as meaning “ Gens Cinanah impleta est: ” but in my copies of the S and in the O, it is كِنَانَةٌ.]) ضَفَارٌ: see ضَفْرٌ, first sentence.

ضَفِيرٌ A rope of [goats'] hair, (Mgh, Msb, TA,) twisted: of the measure فَعِيلٌ in the sense of the measure مَفْعُولٌ. (TA.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) The shore, or side, of the sea or of a great river; (O, K, * TA;;) as also ↓ ضَفِيرَةٌ. (TA.) ضَفَيرَةٌ (As, S, M, A, Mgh, Msb, K) and ↓ ضَفْرٌ, (S, M, A, Mgh, K,) the latter an inf. n. used as a subst. [properly so termed], (Mgh,) A single lock of hair: (M, Msb, K:) and (Msb) a [lock of hair such as is termed] ذُؤَابَة, (Mgh, Msb,) or جَمِيرَة and غَدِيرَة, of a woman: (As, TA:) or a plaited, braided, or interwoven, ذؤابة: (A, TA;) or [a plait of hair] consisting of three, or more, distinct portions: (Msb:) or i. q. عَقِيصَةٌ [q. v.]: one says لَهَا ضَفِيرَتَانِ, and ↓ ضَفْرَانِ, meaning عَقِيصَتَانِ: (Yaakoob, S:) or the ضَفِيرَتَانِ pertain to a man, not to a woman; [though such is not the case accord. to modern usage;] and غَدَائِر, [pl. of غَدِيرَةٌ,] to women; and these are مَضْفُورَة [i. e. plaited]: (AZ, TA:) the pl. of ضَفِيرَةٌ is ضَفَائِرُ (A, Msb) and ضُفُرٌ; (Msb;) and the pl. of ↓ ضَفْرٌ is ضُفُورٌ. (A.) b2: See also ضَفْرٌ, in two places. b3: ضَفِيرَةٌ also signifies (tropical:) A dam, (IAar, S, A, Mgh, Msb,) extending in an oblong form upon the ground, having in it wood and stones. (IAar, TA.) b4: And (assumed tropical:) A plain, or soft, tract of land, oblong, producing herbage or the like, extending [to the distance of the journey of] a day, or two days. (TA.) b5: See also ضَفِيرٌ.

الضَّافِرُ فِى الحَجِّ He who twists, or plaits, (يَعْقِصُ,) his hair during the performance of the pilgrimage. (TA.)
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