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1 ضَاحَ اللَّبَنَ: see 2, in two places.

A2: ضَاحَتِ البِلَادُ The tracts of land became vacant, (K, TA,) by reason of drought. (TA.) 2 ضيّح اللَّبَنَ, (S, O, K,) inf. n. تَضْيِيحٌ, (S,) He mixed the milk with water, (S, O, K,) so that it became ضَيْح; (S;) as also ضَوَّحَهُ, as heard by Az from an Arab of the desert; (TA;) and ↓ ضَاحَهُ, (O, K,) inf. n. ضَيْحٌ, but this last is said by IDrd to be obsolete: (O:) or ↓ ضَاحَهُ, inf. n. ضَيْحٌ, he poured water into it, it being thick, and then stirred it about until it became of a uniform consistence. (T, TA.) b2: And ضيّحهُ He gave him to drink thin milk, mixed with water, such as is termed ضَيْح; (S, K;) as also ضوّحهُ. (K.) 4 اضاح, said of the مُقْل [or fruit of the Theban palm] It became what is termed ضَيْح, and fit to be eaten. (O.) 5 تضّيح It (milk) became what is termed ضَيَاح; (K;) i. e. it was diluted with water, and stirred about until it became of a uniform consistence: and so any medicine, or poison. (TA.) b2: And He (a man) drank what is termed ضَيَاح. (K.) ضَيْحٌ and ↓ ضَيَاحٌ Thin milk, mixed (S, O, K, TA) with much water: the former expl. by As as meaning milk in which is much water: the latter expl. in the T as thick milk into which water is poured, and which is then stirred about until it becomes of a uniform consistence: also, both words, milk, whether it be fresh or such as is termed رَائِب [q. v.], upon which water is poured until it has become thin: and ↓ ضَيَاحٌ and ↓ مُضَيَّحٌ any medicine or poison having water poured into it, and then stirred about until it becomes of a uniform consistence: or, accord. to Lth, only milk is termed ضَيَاح. (TA.) [See an ex. voce خَضَارٌ.] b2: ضَيْحٌ also signifies Honey. (O, K.) b3: And Ripe مُقْل [or fruit of the Theban palm]: (O, K: [see 4:]) this is of the dial. of El-Yemen, universally. (O.) ضِيحٌ i. q. ضِحٌّ [q. v.]: (K:) ascribed by IDrd to the vulgar. (TA.) b2: Also an imitative sequent to ريح, (K,) [i. e.] a corroborative of ريح, (O,) in the phrase جَآءَ بِالرِّيحِ وَالضِّيحِ [expl. voce ضِحٌّ], and therefore having no meaning if used alone. (O, * TA.) ضَاحَةٌ The sight: (O, K:) one says, مَا أَجْوَدَ ضَاحَتَهُ [How good, or excellent, is his sight!]: (O:) or the eye. (K.) ضَيْحَةٌ A single drink, or draught, of thin milk, such as is termed ضَيْح. (TA.) ضَيَاحٌ: see ضَيْحٌ, in two places.

مُضَيَّحٌ: see ضَيْحٌ.

عَيْشٌ مَضْيُوحٌ (tropical:) A turbid life; syn. مَمْذُوقٌ. (Fr, O, K, TA.) مُتَضَيِّحٌ (tropical:) Coming to the watering-trough when most of the contents thereof has been drunk and there remains but little, mixed, (IAth, * O, K, TA,) and turbid; (IAth, TA;) this being likened to milk mixed with water: (TA:) or coming to water the last of the people. (AHeyth, TA.)
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