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أ1 طَفِئَتِ النَّارُ, aor. طَفَاَ, inf. n. طُفُوْءٌ (S, Msb, K) and طَفَأٌ; (TA;) and ↓ انطفأت; (S, K;) The fire became extinguished, or quenched: (Msb:) or ceased to flame: (K, TA:) [or rather, ceased to flame and its live coals became cool; for] when the flame of the fire has become allayed but its coals still burn, it is said to be خَامِدَة; and when its flame is extinct and its coals have become cool, it is said to be هَامِدَة and ↓ طَافِئَة. (TA.) 4 اطفأ النَّارَ He extinguished, or quenched, the fire. (S, * Msb, K, * TA.) Hence, اطفأ الحَرْبَ (tropical:) He extinguished the fire of the war. (TA.) And أَطْفَأْتُ الفِتْنَةَ (tropical:) I allayed the sedition, or conflict and faction, or the like. (Msb.) 7 إِنْطَفَاَ see the first paragraph.

نَارٌ طَافِئَةٌ [Fire becoming, or become, extinguished]: see 1.

مُطْفِئُ الجَمْرِ [The extinguisher of the live coals;] one of the [seven] days called أَيَّامُ العَجُوزِ; (S, O;) the fifth of those days; (K;) so in the M &c.: (TA:) or the fourth thereof: (O, K:) or the last thereof. (Har p. 295.) [Accord. to modern Egyptian almanacs, it is the fourth of those days on which the last of the three جَمَرَات becomes extinct: see جَمْرَةٌ: and see also عَجُوزٌ]

b2: مُطْفِئَةُ الرَّضْفِ (so in the M and O and L and in some copies of the K, in other copies of the K مُطْفِئُ, TA) A piece of fat which, when it falls upon the رَضْف [or heated stones], melts, and quenches them. (Lth, O, K.) And in the M and L, it is said to signify A lean sheep or goat: the Arabs, as is related by Lh, used to say, حَدَسَ لَهُمْ بِمُطْفِئَةِ الرَّضْفِ (TA) i. e. He slaughtered for them a lean sheep or goat, which extinguished the fire and did not become thoroughly cooked: (M and L and K in art. حدس:) or a fat sheep or goat, (AO and T, TA in that art.,) which quenched the رَضْف by its fat. (T, TA ibid. [See also دَمَغَ.]) b3: Also A serpent, the poison of which, as it passes by the رَضْف, extinguishes their fire: (O, K:) in a verse of El-Kumeyt, [for the sake of the metre,] the former word is [altered to] ↓ مُطَفِّئَة. (O.) b4: And (tropical:) A calamity, or misfortune: (O, K, TA:) said by AO to mean originally such as has made one to forget that which was before it, and extinguished its heat. (O, TA.) مُطَفِّئَةُ الرَّضْفِ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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