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1 طَاسَ, aor. يَطُوسُ, (S, TA,) inf. n. طَوْسٌ, (S, A, K, TA,) He was, or became, beautiful, (S, A, K, TA,) and bright, or fresh, (K, TA,) in face, (S, A, K, TA,) after illness: (K, TA:) from الطَّوْسُ signifying “ the moon: ” so in the T: ascribed by Sgh to AA. (TA.) [In one copy of the S, this verb is omitted.]

A2: طاس الشَّىْءَ, (M, O,) aor. as above, (O,) inf. n. طَوْسٌ, (M, A, O, K,) He trod, or trod upon, the thing; (M, A, * O, K; *) [like دَاسَهُ;] and broke it: (M, O:) so says IDrd: (O:) and الوَطْسُ is like الطَّوْسُ. (TA.) 2 مَا أَدْرِى أَيْنَ طَوَّسَ I know not whither he has gone (T, O, K) بِهِ [with him, or it]. (K.) 5 تَطَوَّسَتْ She (a woman, A, K, or a girl, M) adorned herself: (M, A, Sgh, K:) [as though she made herself like a طَاؤُوس, or peacock.] b2: تطوّس He (a pigeon) shook, or ruffled, his feathers: you say, الحَمَامُ يَكْسَحُ بِذَنَبِهِ حَوْلَ الحَمَامَةِ وَيَتَطَوَّسُ لَهَا The male pigeon sweeps with his tail around the female pigeon, and shakes, or ruffles, his feathers to her. (A, TA.) طَاسٌ [A drinking-cup; also vulgarly called طَاسَة;] a certain thing in which one drinks; (S, K;) or with which one drinks; accord. to AHn, also called قَاقُزَّةٌ. (M.) طَوْسٌ The moon: (IAar, T, S, K: but omitted in one copy of the S:) or the moon a little after, or before, the change; i. q. هِلَالٌ: pl. أَطْوَاسٌ. (M.) طُوَاسٌ, (M, TA,) thus correctly, as written by El-Urmawee, with damm; not with fet-h, as in the K and as written by Sgh; (TA;) [in the O, طَوَاسُ;] One of the nights of the last part of the [lunar] month; (M;) one of the nights called لَيَالِى المُحَاقِ. (O, K.) طَاؤُوسٌ, (S, M, A, &c.,) of the measure فَاعُولٌ, (Msb,) the hemzeh being a substitute for و, (M,) [The peacock;] a certain bird, (S, M, A, O, K,) beautiful, (M, TA,) and well known: (O, Msb, K:) dim. طُوَيْسٌ, formed after the rejection of the augmentative letters: (S, O, Msb, K:) pl. طَوَاوِيسُ (M, A, K) and (sometimes, M) أَطْوَاسٌ, (M, O, K,) by the rejection of what is augmentative: (M:) the former pl. is the more known. (TA.) b2: (assumed tropical:) A goodly, or beautiful, man; (ElMuärrij, O, K;) in the dial. of Syria. (ElMuärrij, O.) b3: (assumed tropical:) Silver; (A, O, K;) in the dial. of El-Yemen. (A, O.) b4: (assumed tropical:) Verdant land, wherein, (O, K,) or whereon, (T, O,) is every kind of plant, (O, K,) or of flowers, in the days of spring. (T, O.) مُطَوَّسٌ Goodly, or beautiful; (M, A, Msb, K;) applied to a face, (A, TA,) or other thing. (Msb, K.)
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