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1 طَافَ الخَيَالُ, aor. يَطِيفُ, inf. n. طَيْفٌ (S, O, Msb, K) and مَطَافٌ; (S, O, K;) thus says As: (TA:) and طَافَ, aor. يَطُوفُ, inf. n. طَوْفٌ; (O, K;) thus says El-Mufaddal: (O, TA:) The خيال [i. e. apparition, or phantom,] came (S, O, Msb, K) in sleep. (S, O, K.) And طاف بِهِ الخَيَالُ The خيال came to him, or visited him, (أَلَمَّ بِهِ,) in sleep. (TA in art. طوف,) 2 طيّف, inf. n. تَطْيِيفٌ, He went round or round about, or circuited, much, or often; as also طوّف: (K:) but, (TA,) IDrd says, ↓ اطاف and طيّف and ↓ تطيّف are the same in meaning: (O, TA:) therefore what is said in the K requires consideration: ↓ تطيّف signifies as above. (TA.) 4 اطاف: see the next preceding paragraph: and see also art. طوف.5 تَطَيَّفَ see 2, in two places.

طَيْفٌ An apparition, a phantom, a spectre, or an imaginary form, (خَيَالٌ,) coming in sleep; (IDrd, O, K;) one says طَيْفُ خَيَالٍ and ↓ طَائِفُ خَيَالٍ [meaning thus]: (IDrd, O:) or anything that obscures the sight, [arising] from a vain suggestion of the Devil: (Lth, TA:) or a jinnee, and a human being, and a خَيَال, that comes to, or visits, a man [generally in sleep]; as also ↓ طَائِفٌ; so says IF in art. طوف: (Msb:) both of these words signify alike; i. e. a thing like the خَيَال; and a thing that comes to one, or visits one: (Fr, TA:) and ↓ طِيفٌ, with kesr, signifies a خَيَال itself: (Kr, TA:) or [طَيْفٌ is properly, or originally, an inf. n.; and] طَيْفُ الخَيَالِ signifies the coming of the خيال in sleep: (S, O, K: *) accord. to El-Mufaddal, (O,) one says طَيْفٌ as meaning طَائِفُ خَيَالٍ because it is originally [طَيْوِفٌ, and then] طَيِّفٌ; like مَيِّتٌ and مَيْتٌ from مَاتَ, aor. يَمُوتُ. (O, K.) طَيْفُ الشَّيْطَانِ and ↓ طَائِفُهُ signify The Devil's visitation, by touch, or madness or insanity, (بِالْمَسِّ,) or by vain prompting or suggestion: (Msb:) or طَيْفٌ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ signifies A touch, or slight degree, or somewhat [of a taint or an infection], of insanity or possession, from the Devil; syn. لَمَمٌ; occurring in the Kur vii. 200, accord. to one reading; another reading being مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ ↓ طَائِفٌ, which signifies the same. (S, O. [See also طَوْفٌ.]) One says also طَيْفُ جُنُونٍ [A touch, or slight degree, of insanity, or diabolical possession]. (S, O.) And طَيْفٌ [alone] signifies Insanity, or diabolical possession: (O, K:) so says A 'Obeyd, on the authority of ElAhmar: (TA:) and this is said by Az to be the meaning of the word in the language of the Arabs. (O, TA.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) Anger: (I'Ab, Mujáhid, O, K:) because the intellect of the angry departs [for a time] so that he assumes the the likeness of the insane, or possessed: (O, TA:) said by I'Ab to mean thus in the Kur vii.

200. (TA.) طِيفٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

طِيَافٌ The blackness of night: or this is [طِنَافٌ,] with ن. (TA.) طَائِفٌ: see طَيْفٌ, in four places: and see art. طوف. Quasi طيل طِيلٌ: طِيلٌ: طِيلَةٌ: طِيَلَةٌ: طِيَلٌّ: طِيَالٌ: and طَيِّلَةٌ: see in art. طول.
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