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ى1 ظَمِىَ, [and ظَمِيَتْ, aor. ظَمَىَ,] inf. n. ظَمًى, He, or it, [and she, or it,] had any of the qualities denoted by the epithet أَظْمَى [and its fem. ظَمْيَآءُ]. (M, TA. [See أَظْمَى, and see also ظَمًى expl. below.]) 2 ظَمَّىَ see the next paragraph.4 أُظْمِىَ, inf. n. إِظْمَآءٌ, He (a horse) was made lean, or lank; as also ↓ ظُمِّىَ, inf. n. تَظْمِيَةٌ. (T, TA. [See also 4 in art. ظمأ.]) ظَمًى is the inf. n. of 1 [q. v.]: and [it is said that it] signifies The withering, or drying up, of the lip, from thirst: (M:) so says Lth: but it signifies paucity of the flesh and blood of the lip; not the withering, or drying-up, in consequence of thirst: it is a quality that is commended: (T:) or a tawny, or brownish, or dusky, colour, and a withering, or drying-up, in the lip. (S.) b2: and Paucity of the blood of the gum: (Lth, T:) or paucity of the blood and flesh of the gum. (M.) [In the T is added ويعتريه الحُسْنُ: and in the M, وهو يعترى الحُبْسَ, in which الحُبْسَ seems to be evidently a mistranscription for الحُبْشَ: I therefore think it most probable that in the T, as well as in the M, the right reading is وَهُوَ يَعْتَرِى الحُبْشَ, meaning and it is incidental to the Abyssinians.] b3: And Tawniness of a spearshaft. (T.) ظَمٍ: see أَظْمَى.

ظِمَآءٌ: see ظَمْآنُ, in art. ظمأ.

ظَامٍ: see ظَمْآنُ, in art. ظمأ.

أَظْمَى Anything withering, or withered; or becoming, or become, dried up; from heat; as also ↓ ظَمٍ. (M.) b2: [Hence,] شَفَةٌ ظَمْيَآءُ A lip that is not swollen, [not] having much blood; (T;) accord. to Lth, from thirst; but AZ says that it is not so: (TA: [see ظَمًى:]) or a lip in which is a tawny, or brownish, or dusky, colour, and a withering, or lack of moisture: (S:) or a lip withering, or withered, or lacking moisture, inclining to a tawny, or brownish, or dusky, colour. (K.) b3: And لِثَةٌ ظَمْيَآءُ A gum having little blood: (S, K:) or, accord. to the M, having little blood and flesh. (TA.) b4: And عَيْنٌ ظَمْيَآءُ An eye having a thin, or delicate, lid: (T, S, M, K:) and so عين ظَمْأَى. (M and TA in art. ظمأ.) b5: And سَاقٌ ظَمْيَآءُ A lean shank: (S, M, K:) and so ساق ظَمْأَى. (T and TA in art. ظمأ.) And أَظْمَى الشَّوَى means A horse having little flesh upon the legs: (TA:) and so ظَمْآنُ الشَّوَى. (T in art. روى.) b6: أَظْمَى is also applied to a man, as signifying Black in the lip: (M:) and so ظَمْيَآءُ applied to a woman. (T, M.) b7: and the former applied to a man, and the latter to a woman, Having the quality of the gum termed ظَمًى expl. above. (M.) b8: Both also, accord. to Lh, signify Tawny, brownish, or dusky; the former as applied to a man, and the latter to a woman: (M:) and thus the former applied to a spear, (As, T, S, M,) and the latter to a spearshaft (قَنَاة). (TA.) b9: And أَظْمَى signifies also Black: (T:) thus as applied to shade: (S:) and so the fem. applied to a she-camel: (K:) or the latter applied to a she-camel, and [the pl.] ظُمْىٌ applied to camels, in the colour of which is a blackness. (T.) [See also أَظْمَأُ, in art. ظمأ.]

مَظْمِىٌّ Land, (M,) or [rather] seed-produce (زَرْع), (S, K,) watered only by the rain: (S, M, K:) and so مَظْمِئِىٌّ: (K in art. ظمأ:) such as is irrigated by running water is termed مَسْقَوِىٌّ. (S.)
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