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1 عَبَثَهُ, aor. عَبِثَ, (S, A, * O, K, *) inf. n. عَبْثٌ, (S, O,) He mixed, or mingled, (S, A, O, K,) it. (S, O.) b2: [Hence,] عَبَثَ, aor. as above, (K,) and so the inf. n., (S, O,) He made, or prepared, عَبِيثَة [q. v.]: (S, O, K:) or so عَبَثَ عَبِيثَةً; as also ↓ أَعْبَثَهَا. (O.) One says, عَبَثَتِ المَرْأَةُ, meaning The woman poured out what was moist of the [preparation of curd called] أَقِط, when it was cooked, on what was dry thereof, upon the [mat, or cloth, called] مَشَرّ, or مِشَرّ, [the former accord. to the O and a copy of the S, and the latter accord. to another copy of the S,] in order that what was dry thereof might bear [and not suffer to pass through the مشرّ] what was moist. (Aboo-Sá'id El-Kilábee, S, O.) And عَبَثَ الأَقِطَ, aor. and inf. n. as above, He dried the اقط in the sun: or he mixed it with clarified butter: and غَبَثَهُ, with غ, is a dial. var. thereof. (TA.) A2: عَبِثَ, aor. عَبَثَ, (S, Mgh, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. عَبَثٌ, (S, Mgh, O, Msb,) He played, or sported; (S, Mgh, O, Msb, K;) and mingled together unprofitable actions; (Mgh;) or and did that in which was no profit; (Msb;) or he played with that which did not concern him and for which he did not care. (TA.) You say, عَبِثَ بِهِ He played, or sported, [or amused himself,] with him, or it; (TA;) and به ↓ تعبّث [which signifies the same]. (Ham p. 710.) b2: And عَبِثَ بِهِ الدَّهْرُ (assumed tropical:) [Fortune made sport with him]; a phrase alluding to the mutability of fortune. (Msb.) b3: and عَبِثَ فِى مَنَامِهِ, occurring in a trad., means (assumed tropical:) He moved his hands, or arms, in his sleep, like him who is pushing away or taking, or giving or receiving. (TA.) 4 أَعْبَثَ see 1, second sentence.5 تَعَبَّثَ see 1, last sentence but two.

عَبَثٌ Play, or sport, (S, O, TA,) in which is no profit to be reckoned, or of which no account is to be made. (TA.) [See also عَبِْثَ, of which it is the inf. n.]

عَبْثَةٌ, with the ب quiescent, A single act of عَبَث [or play, sport, &c.]. (S, O.) عَبِيثٌ: see عَبِثَةٌ. b2: Also, in a certain dial., i. q. مَصْلٌ [q. v.: accord. to ISk, this latter means The fluid that flows from أَقِط when it is cooked]. (L, TA) A2: Also A certain sweet-smelling plant. (O, K.) عَبِيثَةٌ [The preparation of curd called] أَقِط whereof what is moist is poured out, when it is cooked, upon what is dry thereof, and mixed with it: (Aboo-Sá'id El-Kilábee, S, O:) or أَقِطٌ مُعَالَجٌ [i. e. اقط prepared by mixing, or otherwise, app. in the manner described above]: (K: [see also 1, third sentence:]) and أَقِط and سَوِيق [or meal of parched barley or wheat] mixed with clarified butter, and then eaten: (S, O:) or أَقِط mixed with clarified butter: and أَقِط pounded with dates, or with dried dates, and then eaten, and drunk; as also ↓ عَبِيثٌ: (TA:) or it signifies, (K,) or signifies also, (S, O,) طَعَام [app. meaning wheat] which is cooked, and in which locusts (جَرَاد) are put: (S, O, K:) and wheat and barley mixed together: so in the saying, جَآءَ فُلَانٌ بِعَبِيثَةٍ فِى وِعَائِهِ [Such a one came with wheat and barley mixed together in his provision-bag]: pl. عَبَائِثُ. (S, O.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) Sheep, or goats, mixed together. (TA.) One says, ظَلَّتِ الغَنَمُ عَبِيثَةً وَاحِدَةً (assumed tropical:) [The sheep, or goats, became one mixed flock or herd]; and so بَكِيلَةً وَاحِدَةً: this is when sheep, or goats, meet others and enter among them and become mixed with them: it is a proverb. (S, O.) b3: And عَبِيثَةُ النَّاسِ (assumed tropical:) The mixed sorts of men or of the people, (S, O, K, TA,) who are not from one ancestor, and who are congregated from various, or sundry, places. (TA.) b4: And عَبِيثَةٌ signifies also (tropical:) One whose line of ancestors is mixed (AO, S, O, K, TA) and vitiated. (S, O.) عِبِّيثٌ One who plays, or sports, much, or often. (K. [In the O written عَبِيثٌ, but said in the K to be like سِكِّينٌ, perhaps a mistranscription for سِكِّيتٌ.]) عَابِثٌ [as part. n. of عَبِثَ] Playing, or sporting, (Msb, TA,) with that which does not concern him and for which he does not care, (TA,) and doing that in which is no profit. (Msb.) خَصِيفٌ عَوْبَثَانِىٌّ Flour and clarified butter and dates mixed with fresh milk: so it is said to mean in the following verse: إِذَا مَا الخَصِيفُ العَوْبَثَانِىُّ سَآءَنَا تَرَكْنَاهُ وَاخْتَرْنَا السَّدِيفَ المُسَرْهَدَا

[When the mess of flour and clarified butter and dates mixed with fresh milk displeases us, we leave it, and choose the fat camel's hump, or the camel's hump cut in pieces]: (S, O: [see also خَصِيفٌ:]) this verse is by Náshireh Ibn-Málik, replying to El-Mukhabbal, who reproached him for feeding upon milk. (IB, TA.)
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