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ى2 عَبَّيْتُ الجَيْشَ, (S, Msb,) inf. n. تَعْبِيَةٌ (S, K) and تَعْبِئَةٌ and تَعْبِىْءٌ, so said Yoo; but AZ said عَبَّأْتُهُ; (S; [see art. عبأ;]) I prepared, or made ready, (S, K, *) or set in order, disposed, or arranged, (Msb,) the army (S, Msb, K) in their places. (S, K.) b2: See also 2 in art. عبو.6 التَّعَابِى signifies The aiding, or assisting, of one party by one man, and of another party by another man, when they prepare a repast, one of the two parties making bread for this, and the other for another. (K.) 8 الاِعْتِبَآءُ, mentioned here in the TA, as syn. with الاِحْتِشَآءُ, see 8 in art. عبأ.

عَبًا and ↓ عَبَايَةٌ, but the former the more chaste, are said to signify, as epithets applied to a man, Coarse, or rude, heavy, dull, or stupid, (K, * TA,) and impotent: but this requires correction; for Lth mentions العَبَا, and ↓ العَبَآءُ as used by a poet, and says that they signify the coarse, or rude, impotent, man; but Az says that he had not heard العَبَآء in this sense on any authority other than that of Lth, and that he held the right reading in the verse cited as an ex. by Lth to be العَيَآء, with ى, meaning, as also العَيَايَآء, “the coarse, or rude, or the heavy, dull, or stupid, and impotent, who has no need of women. ” (TA.) عَبَآءٌ: see عَبَايَةٌ, in two places.

A2: And see also عَبًا, above.

عباة [app. عَبَاةٌ] The [kind of plant called]

سُطَّاح that spreads upon the ground. (TA.) عَبِىٌّ One's share of the جَزُور [or slaughtered camel for portions of which the players at the game called المَيْسِر contend]. (K, TA.) عَبَايَةٌ and عَبَآءَةٌ (S, Mgh, Msb, K, TA) A sort of [the kind of garments called] أَكْسِيَة [pl. of كِسَآء], (S, Mgh, * K, TA,) wide, (Mgh, TA,) and [generally] having in it large black [or brown] stripes: (TA:) pl. [of the latter] عَبَاآتٌ (S, Msb) and ↓ عَبَآءٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) formed by the elision of the ة, (Msb,) [or rather this is a coll. gen. n.,] and the pl. of عَبَايَةٌ is عُبِىٌّ, like عُتِىٌّ: or, accord. to some, ↓ عَبَآءٌ is a sing.; for they say that it signifies a sort of أَكْسِيَة, and that its pl. is أَعْبِيَةٌ. (TA.) See عَبَآءَةٌ in art. عبأ.

A2: See also عَبًأ, above.
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