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1 عَتُدَ, [aor. عَتُدَ,] (O, L, Msb, K,) inf. n. عَتَادٌ (O, Msb, K) and عَتَادَةٌ, (O, L, K,) It (a thing, L, Msb) was, or became, ready, at hand, or prepared. (O, L, Msb, K.) b2: And عَتُدَ, inf. n. عَتَادٌ (L, TA) and عَتَادَةٌ, (TA,) It (a thing) was, or became, great, big, or bulky. (L, TA.) 2 عَتَّدَ see the next paragraph.4 اعتدهُ, (S, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. إِعْتَادٌ; (S;) and ↓ عتّدهُ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. تَعْتِيدٌ; (S, K;) He made it ready, or prepared it, (S, O, Msb, K,) for a [future] day. (S, O.) The former verb occurs in the Kur xii. 31. (S, O, Msb.) Yaakoob says that the [former] ت in أَعْتَدْتُهُ is a substitute for the [former] د in أَعْدَدْتُهُ: and some say that أَعَدَّ is originally أَعْتَدَ; but others deny this. (L.) 5 تعتّد فِى صَنْعَتِهِ He was nice, or scrupulously nice and exact, in his work, art, or craft. (O, K.) عَتَدٌ: see عَتِيدٌ. b2: [Hence,] فَرَسٌ عَتَدٌ, as also ↓ عَتِدٌ, A horse made ready, or prepared, for running; (S, O, L, K;) of strong make; quick in leaping, or springing; not incongruous, unsound, faulty, or weak, in make; nor lax, or uncompact: (L:) or strong, and perfect in make: (ISk, S, O, K:) or that performs run after run: (O:) or made ready, or prepared, for riding: and applied alike to a male and to a female. (L.) عَتِدٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

عُتْدَةٌ and عَتَدَةٌ: see what next follows.

عَتَادٌ (S, A, O, L, Msb, K) and ↓ عُتْدَةٌ, (L, K,) or ↓ عَتَدَةٌ, (so in the O,) Apparatus; syn. عُدَّةٌ [q. v.]; (S, A, O, L, K;) which is said by some to be formed from عُتْدَةٌ, but others deny this; (L;) implements, or instruments, or the like; (S, O;) or weapons, beasts, and instruments, or equipage, of war: (L, Msb:) pl. أَعْتُدٌ (O, L, Msb, K) and أَعْتِدَةٌ (L, Msb) [both pls. of pauc.] and عُتُدٌ. (L.) One says, أَخَذَ لِلْأَمْرِ عَتَادَهُ He took his apparatus, or implements, or instruments, or the like, [or he prepared, or provided, himself,] for the affair: (S, O:) or he took, for the affair, what he had prepared of weapons, and beasts, and instruments, or equipage, of war. (Msb.) b2: And sometimes, (S, O,) عَتَادٌ signifies also A large drinking-cup or bowl: (S, O, K:) i. q. عَسْفٌ and صَحْنٌ: (IAar, L:) or a large drinking-cup or bowl (عُسٌّ) of [wood of the tree called] أَثْل. (AHn, TA.) عَتُودٌ A yearling goat; (Msb, K;) a young goat that pastures, and is strong, and has become a year old: (S, O, L:) or a kid that has begun to pasture: (L:) or that pastures, and has become strong; (Mgh, TA;) as also عَرِيضٌ: or that has become a جَذَع [a year old, in the second year]; and such is called عَرِيضٌ also; both of which appellations are applied to the male and the female; or such is only termed عَرِيضٌ; عتود signifying one that has become a ثَنِىّ [app. meaning in the third year]: (TA:) or that has attained the fit age for procreation: (L:) pl. [of pauc.] أَعْتِدَةٌ and [of mult.] عِدَّانٌ the latter originally عِتْدَانٌ, (S, O, L, Msb, K,) the use of which last form is also allowable. (Msb.) b2: Also [A tree of the species called] a سِدْرَة: or a طَلْحَة. (O, L, K.) عَتِيدٌ A thing (S, O, L) ready, at hand, or prepared; (S, A, O, L, K;) as also ↓ عَتَدٌ [q. v.]: pl. [of pauc.] of the latter أَعْتَادٌ and [of mult.]

عُتُدٌ: (Msb:) the former occurs in the Kur l. 22, (O, L,) in this sense: or as meaning near: (L:) or as meaning ↓ مُعْتَدٌ, (O,) i. e. made ready, or prepared. (K.) عَتِيدَةٌ A receptacle for perfume (A, Msb) and unguent (A) or unguents: (Msb:) a kind of wooden tray (طَبْلَة), or a small round box (حُقَّة), in which are the perfume of a man, (O, K,) or his unguent, (O,) and the perfume of the bride, (O, K,) prepared (أُعْتِدَتْ) for what she requires of perfume, and substance for fumigation, and a comb, and other things; [formed from عَتِيدٌ;] the ة being affixed to it as being a subst.: (O:) or a طَبْل [or small round basket covered with leather] prepared for the perfume, (Az, Mgh, L,) and utensils, and substance for fumigation, (Az, L,) and comb, (Az, Mgh, L,) and mirror, (Mgh,) and other things, required by a bride: (Az, Mgh, L:) or a thing like a casket, or small chest, in which a woman puts such of her goods, or utensils, as she values. (L.) مُعْتَدٌ: see عَتِيدٌ.
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