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1 عَتَكَ بِهِ الطِّيبُ, (S, O,) aor. عَتِكَ, inf. n. عَتْكٌ, (O,) The perfume stuck to him, or it. (S, O.) b2: And عَتَكَ البَوْلُ عَلَى فَخِذِ النَّاقَةِ The urine dried upon the thigh of the she-camel: (S, O, K:) but as some relate a verse cited as an ex. of the verb in this sense, it is عَبَكَ. (O.) b3: And عَتَكَ بِهِ, inf. n. as above, He, or it, clave to him, or it. (TA.) b4: عَتَكَتْ بِالطِّيبِ She (a woman) daubed, or smeared, herself with perfume. (IDrd, O.) b5: عَتَكَتِ القَوْسُ, aor. عَتِكَ, inf. n. عَتْكٌ and عُتُوكٌ, The bow became red (IDrd, O, K) in its wood (IDrd, O) by reason of oldness. (IDrd, O, K.) b6: عَتَكَتْ said of a woman, She was, or became, high, or exalted, in rank, condition, or estimation; high-born, or noble. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) قَطِيفَةٌ عَتِكَةٌ [A nappy, or villous, cloth or outer garment,] coherent [in its nap], or matted [therein]: and in like manner, نَعْجَةٌ عَتِكَةُ الصُّوفِ [A ewe having the wool coherent, or matted]. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) عَاتِكٌ, (K,) or عَاتِكَةٌ, (S,) or both, (IDrd, O,) applied to a bow (قَوْس), Red (IDrd, S, O, K) in its wood (IDrd, O) by reason of oldness: (IDrd, S, O, K:) as also عَاتِقٌ (K in art. عتق) and عَاتِقَةٌ: (S and O and K in that art.:) [or]

عَاتِكَةٌ, so applied, signifies of a pure, or clear, yellow colour. (Skr, TA.) أَحْمَرُ عَاتِكٌ signifies Intensely red. (Lh, O, TA.) And عَاتِكٌ, alone, Yellow. (TA. [App. applied therein, in this sense, to a vein or a root (عرق, thus without any vowel-sign)].) And Pure, or unmixed; applied to a colour (K, TA) of any kind, and to a thing of any kind. (TA.) And Clear; applied to [the beverage called] نَبِيذ: (IDrd, O, K, TA:) or, so applied, old; accord. to Lth with ن, but correctly with ت. (TA in art. عنك.) And i. q. كَرِيمٌ [as meaning Highly esteemed, or excellent, or the like]; (K, TA;) applied to anything. (TA.) b2: عَاتِكَةٌ applied to a woman means Being, or becoming, red (مُحْمَرَّة [in the CK مُخَمَّرَة]) by reason of perfume; (K, TA;) from عَتَكَتِ القَوْسُ [expl. above]: (IKt, TA:) or having a stain of perfume: (TA:) or being, or becoming, yellow from saffron: (R, TA:) or having clearness and redness: or, accord. to Ibn-Saad, lean, or light of flesh; slender and lean; or lean, and lank in the belly: (TA:) or high, or exalted, in rank, condition, or estimation; high-born, or noble: (O, TA:) or, accord. to IAar, from عَتَكَتْ عَلَى بَعْلِهَا, [said of a woman,] meaning نَشَزَتْ; but this is said by Th to be correctly عَنَكَت, the ت being a mistranscription. (TA.) عَاتِكِىٌّ A certain kind of cloth or garment, red and yellow, brought from Syria: a rel. n. from [a place called] مَشْهَدُ عَاتِكَةَ. (TA.)
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