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Q. 2 تَعَجْرَفَ He (a camel) took what was not the right course, being refractory, or untractable: (Ham p. 618:) [or he went obliquely, by reason of briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness: or he was as though he were rough, ungentle, or awkward, in going, when tired, and wanting in due care, by reason of speed; and likewise said of a man:] see عَجْرَفِيَّةٌ. b2: Also He (a man, O) magnified himself (O, K) عَلَيْنَا against us. (O.) And رَجُلٌ فِيهِ تَعَجْرُفٌ [A man in whom is self-magnification]. (TA.) b3: And. فُلَانٌ يَتَعَجْرَفُ عَلَىَّ, (S, O,) or عَلَيْهِمْ, (K,) Such a one does to me, (S, O,) or to them, (K,) what I, (S, O,) or they, (K,) dislike, or hate, he not fearing, or dreading, anything. (S, O, K.) b4: And تَعَجْرَفَ الأَمْرَ He ventured upon, or undertook, the affair, not having knowledge in it. (TA.) عَجْرَفَةٌ: see عَجْرَفِيَّةٌ [which is probably syn. with it in all the senses of the former]. b2: Also Coarseness, roughness, or rudeness, in speech: and roughness, ungentleness, or awkwardness, in work. (Lth, K, TA.) b3: And Audaciousness, with هَوَج [i. e. foolishness, or tallness combined with foolishness or with foolishness and fickleness and hastiness]. (IDrd, K.) And The venturing upon, or undertaking, an affair without having knowledge in it. (TA.) عَجْرَفِىُّ المَشْىِ [in the CK عَجَزَ فِى المَشْىِ] A camel in whose manner of going is what is termed تَعَجْرُف and عَجْرَفَة and عَجْرَفِيَّة, [see the next paragraph,] (Az, K, TA,) by reason of his speed: (Az, TA:) and عَجْرَفِىٌّ alone, a camel that does not go in the right direction, by reason of his briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness: fem. with ة. (TA.) فِيهِ عَجْرَفِيَّةٌ and ↓ عَجْرَفَةٌ and ↓ تَعَجْرُفٌ, said of a camel, He is as though there were in him roughness, ungentleness, or awkwardness, (S, TA,) and want of due care by reason of his speed: (S, K, TA:) or عَجْرَفِيَّةٌ is a camel's taking to the going with roughness, ungentleness, or awkwardness, when fatigued: (M, TA:) or a camel's going obliquely, by reason of briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness. (Az, TA.) And عَجْرَفِيَّةٌ is also in a man. (AZ, S, O, and K, voce عُرْضِيَّةٌ.) [See also عَجْرَفَةٌ.]

عَجْرَفِيَّةُ ضَبَّةَ is thought by ISd to mean [The tribe of] Dabbeh's guttural speech (تَقَعُّرُهُمْ فِى

الكَلَامِ). (TA.) عُجْرُوفٌ A certain small creeping thing, (Lth, S, K,) having long legs; (Lth, TA;) said to be the long-legged نَمْلَة [or ant]: (S:) or the نَمْل [or ant], (Az, TA,) or long نَمْل, (K,) the legs of which raise it from the ground: (Az, K, TA:) or it is larger than the نَمْل. (ISd, TA.) b2: and A light, or and agile, she-camel. (Ibn-'Abbád, K.) b3: And An old woman; as also with ة. (El-'Ozeyzee, K.) عَجَارِفُ الدَّهْرِ (S, K *) and ↓ عَجَارِيفُهُ The accidents of time, or fortune. (S, K.) b2: and عَجَارِفُ المَطَرِ and ↓ عَجَارِيفُهُ The vehemence of rain (IDrd, K) at its coming; (IDrd:) or عَجَارِفُ الغَيْثِ The rain's coming with thunder and wind. (Ham p. 750.) b3: ذُو عَجَارِفَ and ↓ عَجَارِيفَ A camel having briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness. (TA.) عَجَارِيفُ: see the next preceding paragraph, in three places.
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