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1 عَذَا البَلَدُ, aor. يَعْذُو, The country, or town, was good, or pleasant, in respect of its air. (IAar, K, TA.) b2: And you say, عَذُوَتِ الأَرْضُ (AZ, K, TA) and عَذِيَت (K) أَحْسَنَ العَذَاةِ or العَذَآءَةِ. (So accord. to different copies of the K [in which what immediately precedes app. indicates that the meaning is, The land was such as is termed عَذَاة, in the best degree; so that العَذَاة or العَذَآءَة, the former of which is the reading in the T, is the inf. n.: but accord. to the TK, عَذُوَتِ الأَرْضُ, having for its inf. n. عَذَاوَةٌ, and عَذِيَت, having for its inf. n. عَذًى, mean, without any addition, كَانَتْ أَحْسَنَ العَذَاةِ i. e. the land was the best of what is termed عَذَاة].) 10 اِسْتَعْذَيْتُ المَكَانَ [I found that] the place was suitable to me (K, TA) in its air, (TA,) and I deemed it good, or pleasant. (K, TA. [Mentioned in art. عذى; but more properly belonging to the present art.; though both of these arts. are intimately connected, each with the other.]) عَذًى [or عَذًا]: see the next paragraph.

عَذَاةٌ and ↓ عَذِيَةٌ, (S, K, TA,) the latter written in [some copies of] the K, erroneously, عَذِيَّة, (TA,) Land good (S, K) in its soil, (S,) remote from water and from tainted air: (K:) or land good in its soil, and fertile: or remote from men: or remote from water and from tainted air and from pestilence: or remote from the [sunken waters, or the watery beds of sand or earth, called] أَحْسَآء, and from the waters that ooze from the ground: or not having in it [plants of the kind called] حَمْض, nor near to a region thereof: (TA: [see also عِذْىٌ, in art. عذى:]) pl. of the former عَذَوَاتٌ (S, K) and [coll. gen. n. of the same, app. when used as a subst., which may generally be the case,] ↓ عَذًى [or عَذًا]. (TA.) [See also عِذْىٌ, again, in art. عذى.]

b2: And عَذَاةٌ signifies also A خَامَة [or portion that grows forth upon a single stalk, or fresh or juicy bunch or plant, &c., (see art. خيم,)] of seedproduce. (TA in art. عذى.) عَذِيَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

عَذَوَانٌ Brisk, lively, or sprightly; light, or active; not having great forbearance nor أَصَالَة [app. as meaning firmness, or soundness, of judgment]: fem. with ة: or, as some say, it is with غ. (TA.) عَذَوِيَّةٌ: see عَاذِيَةٌ, below.

عَذَآءٌ the subst. from عَذَاةٌ [app. signifying The quality, or condition, of land that is termed عَذَاة]. (TA in art. عذى.) عَاذِيَةٌ and ↓ عَذَوِيَّةٌ, and عَوَاذٍ [the pl. of the first], applied to camels, Being in a place of pasture that has not in it [plants of the kind called]

حَمْض. (K and TA in art. عذى.) [See also عَادِيَةٌ, voce عُدْوِىٌّ, in art. عدو.]
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