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Q. 1 عَرْصَفَهُ He pulled it, (Lth, O, L, K,) namely, a thing, (O,) so that he slit it, or divided it lengthwise. (Lth, O, K.) عَرْصَفٌ A certain plant, called in ancient Greek كَمَافِيطُوس [i. e.

χαμαίπιτυς, the chamæpitys, or ground-pine], (K, TA,) by which name it is commonly known to the physicians, who say, (TA,) when a mixture of some of its leaves with hydromel is drunk for forty days, it cures the sciatica; and when for seven days, it cures the jaundice. (K, TA.) عِرْصَافٌ One of the عَرَاصِيف of the [camel's saddle called] رَحْل [or قَتَب], (S, O,) which are four pegs, or pins of wood, that unite, or conjoin, the heads of [the curved pieces of wood called] the أَحْنَآء of the قَتَب; in the head of each حِنْو are two pegs, or pins of wood, bound with [the sinews called] عَقَب, (S, O, K,) or with [pieces of] the skins of camels; and in it [or appertaining to the same part] are the ظَلِفَات; (S, O;) and they are also called the عَصَافِير, which is formed from عراصيف by transposition: (S and O in art. عصفر:) or, (K,) accord. to As, (O,) they are the two pieces of wood (O, K) that bind, (O,) or are bound, (K,) between [the upright piece of wood called] the وَاسِط [in the fore part] of the رَحْل and its آخِرَة [which is in its hinder part]; on the right and left. (O, K.) b2: The عِرْصَاف of the [kind of saddle called] إِكَاف, also called its ↓ عُرْصُوف and its عُصْفُور, is A piece of wood bound between [or conjoining] the anterior [curved pieces called]

حِنْوَانِ. (S, O, K.) b3: And, [so in the O, but in the K “ or,”] accord. to Az, (O,) عِرْصَافٌ signifies A whip made of [the sinews called] عَقَب; (O, K;) as also عِرْفَاصٌ. (O.) And, (O, K,) accord. to Lth, (O,) Elongated عَقَب; (O, K;) mostly applied to the عَقَب of the two sides and of the two elongated portions of flesh between which is the backbone: (O:) or, (K.) accord. to IDrd, as also عِرْفَاصٌ, (O, TA,) a fascicle (خُصْلَة) of عَقَب and of thongs, (O, TA,) upon a قُبَّة [q. v.], with which the [women's camel-vehicle called] هَوْدَج is bound, or made fast. (TA.) عُرْصُوفٌ: see عِرْصَافٌ. b2: العُرْصُوفَانِ signifies Two sticks (عُودَانِ) inserted in the دَجْرَانِ of the plough, (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K,) forking; the دُجْر being the piece of wood upon which is bound the iron [or share] of the plough. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) b3: The عَرَاصِيف of the hump of the camel are The extremities of the سَنَاسِن [pl. of سِنْسِنٌ, q. v.,] of his back; (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K;) sing. عُرْصُوفٌ: (Ibn-'Abbád, O:) or what are upon the سَنَاسِن; and also called the عَصَافِير; and ISd says, I think that العَرَافِيصُ is a dial. var. thereof. (L, TA.) A2: The عَرَاصِيف of the خُرْطُوم [or nose, or fore part of the nose, &c.,] are Certain bending bones in the [part called] خَيْشُوم [q. v.]. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.)
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