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1 عَرِصَ, [aor. عَرَصَ,] (Fr, Th, S, O,) inf. n. عَرَصٌ, (S, A, O, K,) He (a man, Fr, S, O, and a cat, Th,) was, or became, brisk, lively, or sprightly; (Fr, Th, S, A, O, K;) as also ↓ اعترص, (Fr, Th,) said of a man, (Fr,) and of a cat. (Th.) b2: He (a man) leaped, jumped, sprang, or bounded; as also ↓ اعترص. (Lh.) b3: عَرِصَ القَوْمُ The company of men played, or sported, and advanced and retired, urging, or pushing, [one another] from behind: (TA:) and ↓ اعترص he (a child, T, Msb) played, or sported, and was very joyful, or glad, and very brisk, lively, or sprightly. (T, O, Msb, K.) b4: عَرِصَ البَرْقُ, (IDrd, A, O, K,) aor. عَرَصَ, inf. n. عَرَصٌ and عَرْصٌ, (IDrd, O, TA,) The lightning gleamed, or glistened, much: (A:) or was, or became, in a state of commotion, or agitation; quivered; flickered; (IDrd, O, K;) as also ↓ اعترص: (TA:) and in like manner, عَرِصَ السَّيْفُ, inf. n. as above, The sword vibrated, or quivered: (TA:) and جِلْدُهُ ↓ اعترص His skin quivered, or quaked; (K, TA;) as also ارتعص. (TA.) b5: Also عَرَصَ, aor. عَرِصَ, said of a camel, (O, K, TA,) or other [animal], (O, TA,) He struggled, or quivered, (اِضْطَرَبَ, O, K, TA,) with his hind legs; (O, TA;) as also ↓ اعرص. (O, K.) b6: And عَرَصَتِ السَّمَآءُ, (AZ, S, O, K,) or السَّحَابَةُ, as in some copies of the S, (TA,) aor. عَرِصَ, (AZ, S, O, K,) inf. n. عَرْصٌ, (AZ, S, O, TA,) or عَرَصٌ, (as in one copy of the S,) The sky, or cloud, lightened continually. (AZ, S, O, K.) A2: عَرِصَ, (S, O,) inf. n. عَرَصٌ, (S, O, K,) said of a tent or house, (بَيْت, S, O, K,) and of a plant, (نَبْت, O, K,) Its odour became foul, (S, O,) and stinking, (TA,) or altered, (K,) from the dew (النَّدَا). (S, O, K.) 4 أَعْرَصَ see 1, last sentence but two.5 تعرّص He remained, stayed, dwelt, or abode. (K.) The imperative of the verb in this sense is mentioned by IAar. (O.) 8 إِعْتَرَصَ see 1, in five places.

عَرْصٌ I. q. عَرْسٌ (O, K, TA) meaning as expl. in art. عرس: (TA:) or a piece of wood which is laid across a chamber when they desire to roof it: then they lay upon it the ends of the short pieces of wood: (A'Obeyd, O, TA:) occurring in a trad., mispronounced by the relaters عَرْض. (O, * K, TA.) A2: See also عَرَّاصٌ, in two places.

عَرِصٌ: see عَرَّاصٌ, in two places.

عَرْصَةٌ The court, or open area, (سَاحَة,) of a house; (T, Msb;) i. e., a spacious vacant part, or portion, thereof, in which is no building; (Msb;) so called because the children play, or sport, &c., (يَعْتَرِصُونَ,) therein: (T, Msb:) or any spacious piece of ground between houses, in which is no building: (S, O, K:) or any distinct piece of ground in which is no building; accord. to EthTha'álibee, in his book entitled “ Fikh el-Loghah: ” (Msb:) or any open space in which is no building: (As, TA:) or the ground of a house, where it is built; and any chamber of a house, in which one sits, not in the upper part: (A:) pl. أَعْرَاصٌ (K) and عِرَاصٌ and عَرَصَاتٌ (S, A, O, Msb, K.) عَرُوصٌ A she-camel having a pleasant odour when she sweats. (IAar, O, K.) عَرَّاصٌ Clouds (سَحَابٌ) having thunder and lightning: (S, O, K:) or having thunder and lightning, without which they are not thus called, in which the lightning is in commotion, or flickering, and which overshadow and approach so as to become like a roof: (O, TA:) or of which the lightning does not cease: (Lh, TA:) and (K) that gleam, or glisten, much, (A, K,) with lightning: (A:) or that lighten at one time, and become concealed at another: (TA:) or which the wind carries to and fro. (O, TA.) b2: Lightning in a state of commotion, or agitation; quivering; flickering; as also ↓ عَرِصٌ and ↓ عَرْصٌ: (K:) or vehemently so, (IDrd, O, TA,) and vehement in its thunder: (TA:) or that gleams, or glistens, much: or that lightens at one time, and becomes unapparent at another; as also ↓ عَرِصٌ and ↓ عَرْصٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) b3: A pliant spear, (AA, S, O, K, TA,) that vibrates, or quivers, when shaken: (S, * O, * TA:) and so applied to a sword: (AA, S, O, K:) or, applied to a spear, it signifies of which, when it is shaken, the head glistens; from عَرِصَ البَرْقُ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, TA.) مُعَرَّصٌ Flesh-meat laid in the عَرْصَة [q. v.] to dry: (S, O, K:) or cut in pieces: (Fr, O, K:) or laid in, or upon, the live coals, so that it becomes mixed with the ashes and not well and thoroughly cooked: (Lth, O, K, TA:) Az says that this last explanation, the like of which has also been given on the authority of ISk, is more pleasing to him than that of Fr. (O, TA.) [See also مُعَرَّضٌ, with ض.]

A2: Also A camel whose back has become submissive, but not his head: (Ibn-Habeeb, O, K:) because they used [sometimes] to ride without bridling. (TA.) المِعْرَاصُ The هِلَال [or new moon, or moon when near the change]. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.)
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