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1 عَزَرَهُ, aor. عَزِرَ, inf. n. عَزْرٌ, He prevented, hindered, withheld, or forbade, him; (Mgh, * O, K, * TA;) and turned him away, or back; (Mgh, * O, TA;) عَنِ الشَّىْءِ from the thing: this is the primary signification, from which others, mentioned in the next paragraph, are derived. (TA.) See 2, in eight places. b2: And عَزَرْتُ البَعِيرَ. inf. n. عَزْرٌ, I tied a cord upon the خَيَاشِيم [app. meaning the upper parts of the nostrils] of the camel, and then put medicine into his mouth. (O, TA.) b3: And عَزَرَ المَرُأَةَ, (TA,) inf. n. as above, (K,) He compressed the woman. (K, * TA.) 2 عزّرهُ, (O, TA,) inf. n. تَعْزِيرٌ, (S, O, K, TA,) He disciplined, chastised, corrected, or punished, him; (S, O, TA;) meaning he did to him that which should turn him away, or back, from evil, or foul, conduct. (Ibráheem Es-Seree, O, * TA.) b2: And hence, (S,) He inflicted upon him a beating, or flogging, less than that prescribed by the law; (S, M, Mgh, * O, Msb, * K;) as also ↓ عَزَرَهُ, inf. n. عَزْرٌ: (TA: but only the inf. n. of the latter verb in this sense is there mentioned:) because it prevents the criminal from returning to disobedience: but whether this meaning belong only to the conventional language of the law or be implied in the proper signification, is disputed: (TA:) or he beat, or flogged, him with the utmost vehemence: (M, K:) or تَعْزِيرٌ signifies [simply] the act of beating. (A.) And one says, ضَرَبَهُ تَعْزِيرًا, meaning He beat him moderately; not exceeding the ordinary bounds. (TA in art. حل.) b3: Also He constrained him against his will, عَلَى

الأَمْرِ to do the thing, (O, K, *) and taught him by forbidding him to return to the doing of that which was at variance therewith; and so ↓ عَزَرَهُ: (IAar, O:) and he taught him the فَرَائِض and أَحْكَام [or obligatory statutes or ordinances of God]; (O;) or التَّعْزِيرُ, (Az, L,) or ↓ العَزْرُ, (K,) signifies the teaching [one] (Az, L, K) religion, (Az, L,) or بَاب الدِّين [i. e. the declaration of belief in the unity of God and in the mission of Mohammad] and the فَرَائِض and أَحْكَام. (L, K.) b4: And He blamed, censured, or reproved, him; as also ↓ عَزَرَهُ, aor. عَزِرَ, inf. n. عَزْرٌ. (K.) b5: And He aided, or assisted, him; as also ↓ عَزَرَهُ, inf. n. as above: (K, * TA:) and he strengthened him; (K, * TA;) and so ↓ عَزَرَهُ, inf. n. as above. (TA.) He aided him against his enemy, or enemies, by repelling the latter; (O, TA;) as also ↓ عَزَرَهُ, aor. عَزِرَ and عَزُرَ, but the former is the more chaste, inf. n. as above: (O:) or he did so time after time: or with the sword. (O, TA.) b6: And He treated him with reverence, veneration, respect, or honour; (S, A, O, Msb, K;) and so ↓ عَزَرَهُ, aor. عَزِرَ and عَزُرَ, inf. n. as above. (O.) b7: Also He abased him; rendered him abject, vile, despicable, or ignominious: thus it has two contr. significations. (B, TA.) b8: And He loaded him, namely, an ass. (S.) عِزْرَائِيلُ, as some write it, or, as others, عَزْرَائِيلُ, [The Angel of Death;] a certain angel, well known. (MF.) عَيْزَارٌ A species of trees. (S, O, L, K.) A2: أَبُو العَيْزَارِ the surname of A certain long-necked bird, which one always seees in shallow water, (S, O, K, *) called the سَبَيْطَر: (S, O:) or it is the كُرْكِىّ [or Numidian crane]. (K.)
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