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1 عَزَقَ الأَرْضَ, aor. عَزِقَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. عَزْقٌ, (S, O, Msb,) He clave, or furrowed, the earth, or land, with the implement called مِعْزَقَةٌ (S, O, Msb, K) and مِعْزَقٌ. (S, O, K.) b2: and He dug the earth until the water came forth from it. (TA.) b3: The verb is [said to be] used only in relation to the earth, or land. (S, O, Msb, K.) [But] لَا تَعْزِقُوا occurs in a trad. as meaning Cut not ye (لَا تَقْطَعُو). (TA.) b4: العَزْقُ metonymically used as meaning The act of eating is post-classical. (TA.) 2 عَزَّقْتُ القَوْمَ, inf. n. تَعْزِيقٌ, I routed, or defeated, and slew, the people, or party. (TA.) 4 اعزق He worked with the مِعْزَقَة [q. v.]. (TA.) عَزِقٌ: see the next paragraph.

عُزُقٌ Winnowers of wheat (مُذَرُّوا حِنْطَةٍ [origi-nally مُذَرِّيُوا, in the CK مُذِرُّوا]). (O, K, TA.) [See also what here follows.]

A2: And Men evil in dispositions: (O, K, TA:) sing. [app. in the former sense as well as in this] ↓ عَزِقٌ: (TA:) or this latter signifies, (K,) or signifies also, (TA,) like ↓ مُتَعَزِّقٌ, difficult in disposition: (K, TA:) or hard, and niggardly, and difficult in disposition. (Lth, TA.) مِعْزَقٌ: see the next paragraph. b2: Accord. to IAar, The مَرّ, i. e. handle, of the [implement called] مِحْرَاث [q. v.]. (L, voce سِخِّينٌ.) مِعْزَقَةٌ The implement with which the earth, or land, is cloven, or furrowed; (S, O, Msb, K;) [a kind of hoe,] resembling the قَدُوم, or larger than this; as also ↓ مِعْزَقٌ: (S, O, K:) accord. to IDrd, the implement with which the earth, or land, is cloven, or furrowed; whether it be a فَأْس [meaning hoe], or a مِسْحَاة [i. e. spade], or a سِكَّة [i. e. ploughshare]: and he says, it is a بِيلَة [from the Pers. بِيْلَه meaning a kind of mattock or hoe] which is curved [in its blade]: and some say that it is [particularly] a فَأْس [i. e. hoe] with two extremities to its [iron] head: (TA:) [it is applied in the present day to a kind of hoe with a broad blade:] pl. مَعَارِقُ. (O, TA.) b2: And, (K,) accord. to IAar, (O,) The forked, or pronged, implement with which wheat is winnowed. (O, K; and L and TA voce حِفْرَاةٌ.) أَرْضٌ مَعْزُوقَةٌ Land cloven, or furrowed, (S, TA,) with the مِعْزَقَة, (S,) for sowing, or cultivating. (TA.) مُتَعَزِّقٌ: see عُزُقٌ.

IF says that there is no word with ع and ز and ق that is of well-founded authority. (O.)
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