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Q. 1 عَسْلَجَتِ الشَّجَرَةُ The tree put forth its عَسَالِيج, or soft and green rods or twigs or shoots [&c.: see عُسْلُوجٌ]. (S, K.) عُسْلُجٌ: see عُسْلُوجٌ, in four places.

عَسَلَّجٌ, applied to food (طَعَام), i. q. رَقِيقٌ [app. meaning Thin, or unsubstantial], (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K,) i. e. in which are flour and water: (Ibn-'Abbád, O:) or good, sweet, or pleasant. (O, K.) عِسْلَاجٌ: see the following paragraph.

عُسْلُوجٌ A branch, or twig, or shoot: (Msb:) or a branch, or twig, or shoot, that is a year old: (Lth, O:) or a rod, or twig, or shoot, of recent growth: (TA:) or any plant that comes forth green, twisting, or wreathing, and soft, before it assumes other colours: (AHn, O:) or, as also ↓ عُسْلُجٌ, (S, O, K,) and ↓ عِسْلَاجٌ, (O,) a soft and green rod or twig or shoot (S, O, K) of a tree, and of a grape-vine, when it first grows forth: (S, O:) or all signify a branch, or twig, or shoot, until a year old: (M, TA:) or ↓ عُسْلُجٌ signifies a soft, or tender, branch or twig or shoot: (TA:) the pl. of عُسْلُوجٌ is عَسَالِيجُ: (Msb:) and this is said to signify a certain [sort of] white thing, that comes forth in the صَيْف [meaning either spring or summer], and stretches along like the خَيْزُرَان [or kind of cane called rattan], soft, or supple, and bending: (O:) it is [also] said to signify the عُروق of trees, i. e. the نُجُوم thereof [meaning the sprouts from the roots (see art. نجم)] that shoot forth in the year: and certain things that spread upon the surface of the earth, like عُرُوق [or roots], and are green: or a certain plant upon the banks of rivers, bending and inclining by reason of softness, or tenderness, or luxuriance: and, as used by the vulgar, rods, or twigs, or shoots, of recent growth. (L.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) A boy, or young man, hot-headed, and light, or active, in spirit. (IAar, O.) and جَارِيَةٌ غُسْلُوجَةُ النَّبَاتِ (O, K) and القَوَامِ (O) (tropical:) A soft, or tender, girl or young woman. (O, K, TA.) And ↓ قَوَامٌ عُسْلُجٌ (assumed tropical:) A soft, or tender, figure, or person: (O, K:) the latter word, used in this sense by El-'Ajjáj, said to be a contraction of عُسْلُوجٌ. (TA.) And ↓ شَبَابٌ عُسْلُجٌ (assumed tropical:) A perfect state of youthfulness. (TA.)
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