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1 عَطِبَ, (S, A, Mgh, O, Msb, K,) aor. عَطَبَ, (A, Mgh, Msb, K,) inf. n. عَطَبٌ, (S, * Mgh, * O, * Msb,) and مَعْطَبٌ also may be an inf. n. of the same, (Har p. 196,) He perished, or died: (S, A, Mgh, O, Msb, K:) [Freytag mentions عَطَبَ also in the same sense, as from the K, in which I do not find it:] it is said of a man, and of other than man: in a trad. it is said of seed-produce. (TA.) b2: And He (a camel, and a horse,) flagged, or became powerless: (K, TA:) or stopped with his master [or rider] from fatigue. (TA.) b3: and عَطِبَ عَلَيْهِ He was, or became, violently, (O,) or most violently, (K,) angry with him. (O, K.) A2: العَطْبُ signifies لِينُ القُطْنِ (O, * K) and الصُّوفِ, (O,) and نُعُومَتُهُ: (K:) you say, عَطَبَ, aor. عَطُبَ, (A, O, K,) inf. n. عَطْبٌ and عُطُوبٌ, (O,) It [i. e. cotton, and wool,] was, or became, soft. (A, O, * K. [See also عُطْبٌ, below.]) 2 تَعْطِيبٌ, (O, K,) inf. n. of عطّب, (TA,) signifies The brewing (عِلَاج) of beverage, or wine, in order that its odour may become good: (O, K:) so says Aboo-Sa'eed. (O.) The phrase رَحِيق مُعَطَّب occurs in a poem of Lebeed, as some relate it; but as others relate it, it is مُقَطَّب, which means “ mixed: ” (O, TA:) so says Az; and he adds, “I know not what مُعَطَّب is. ” (TA.) A2: Also, in a grape-vine, The appearing of the knots, or gems, in the places whence grow the bunches of grapes. (K.) 4 اعطبهُ He (a man, Msb), or it (calamity, A), destroyed him, or caused him to perish. (S, A, O, Msb, K.) 8 اعتطب النَّارَ He took fire in a portion of cotton: (A:) or اعتطب بِعُطْبَةٍ he took fire in a piece of rag (O, K) or a portion of cotton. (O.) عُطْبٌ and ↓ عُطُبٌ Cotton: (IAar, S, O, K:) and ↓ عُطْبَةٌ signifies a portion thereof, (S, A, O, TA,) or of wool. (TA.) [SM says,] In the T, العطب is said to mean لين القُطْنِ وَالصُّوفِ, [and so in the O, where it is written العَطْبُ, and said to be with fet-h,] and its n. un. is عطبة; but I have found it written with damm [to the ع]; therefore by لين seems to be meant لَيِّن [i. e. Such as is soft of cotton and of wool: which I think to be evidently a mistake: see 1]. (TA.) عَطِبٌ [Perishing, or dying]: see an ex., from a poet, voce رُبَّ.

عُطُبٌ: see عُطْبٌ.

عُطْبَةٌ: see عُطْبٌ. b2: Also A portion of rag by means of which fire is taken: (K:) or a portion of burning cotton (S, A, O) or rag: (S, O:) so in the saying, أَجِدُ رِيحَ عُطْبَةٍ [I perceive the odour of a portion of burning cotton or rag]. (S, A, O.) عَوْطَبٌ A calamity, or misfortune: (As, O, K:) from العَطَبُ [inf. n. of عَطِبَ]. (As, TA.) b2: And The main part, or fathomless deep, of the sea: (As, K:) likewise from العَطَبُ: (As, TA:) and so عَوْبَطٌ, (K in art. عبط,) formed by transposition: (TA ibid.:) or the deepest place in the sea: (IAar, O:) or a depressed part between two waves. (IAar, O, K.) أَعْطَبُ More [and most] soft: so in the saying, هٰذَا الكَبْشُ أَعْطَبُ مِنْ هٰذَا [This ram is more soft in his wool than this]. (O.) مَعْطَبٌ A place of perdition or destruction: pl. مَعَاطِبُ. (S, O, Msb.) [See also 1, first sentence.]

مُعْطِبٌ One who scants his household; syn. مُقْتِرٌ. (O, K.)
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