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1 عَفَصَ الشَّىْءَ, aor. عَفِصَ, (K,) inf. n. عَفْصٌ, (TK,) He doubled, folded, or bent, the thing. (K.) Hence عِفَاصُ القَارُورَةِ. (TA.) b2: عَفَصَ القَارُورَةَ, (Fr, S, A, O, Msb, K,) aor. عَفِصَ, (Msb, K,) inf. n. عَفْصٌ, (Msb,) He tied, or bound, the عِفَاص (q. v.) upon the flask, or bottle; (S, A, * O, K;) as also ↓ اعفصها: (K:) or he put the عفاص upon the head of the bottle; and so, accord. to some, ↓ the latter also: (Msb:) or ↓ the latter signifies he made for it, or put to it, (جَعَلَ لَهَا,) an عفاص; (Fr, S, O, Msb;) and so, (Fr, O, Msb,) accord. to some, (Msb,) the former also; (Fr, O, Msb;) each having two meanings: (Msb:) and the former, also, he stopped the bottle with a stopper. (A) b3: عَفَصَهُ, aor. عَفِصَ, He pulled it out or forth. (K.) And عَفَصْتُ أُذُنَيْهِ I pulled towards me its ears; namely, the ears of a head that I was eating. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) And IAar allows this verb with س as well as with ص. (TA.) b4: See also 8. b5: عَفَصَ يَدَهُ He twisted his arm, or hand. (O, K.) b6: عَفَصَهُ, (O, K,) aor. عَفِصَ, inf. n. عَفْصٌ, (TA,) He weakened, or enervated, him, (أَثْخَنَهُ,) in wrestling. (O, K.) b7: And عَفَصَهَا He compressed her, (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K,) namely, a woman, (Ibn-'Abbád, O,) or his young woman. (K.) 2 عَفَّصَ [عفّص الثَّوْبَ He dyed the garment, or piece of cloth, with عَفْص, or galls. See the pass. part. n., below.]4 اعفص القَارُورَةَ: see 1, in three places.

A2: اعفص الحِبْرَ He put عَفْص [or galls] into the ink. (TA.) 8 اعتفص مِنْهُ حَقَّهُ He took from him his right, or due; (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K;) as also ↓ عَفَصَ. (O, K. *) عَفْصٌ [Galls: and the trees which bear them:] a certain thing well known, (Msb, K,) of which ink is made, (S, O, TA,) and with which one tans; (Msb;) the produce of the tree called بَلُّوط [or oak]: (L, TA:) or applied to the trees [which bear it] and to the fruit [thereof]: (K:) or a certain tree of the kind called بَلُّوط, which [is also the name of a produce of that tree, i. e., of the acorn, (both of which applications are agreeable with modern usage,) like as عَفْصٌ is also the name of another produce thereof, i. e., the gall, or gallnut; for it is said that this tree] bears one year بَلُّوط, and another year عَفْص, (Lth, O, K,) of which ink is made: (CK:) it is not of the growth of the land of the Arabs: (IB, TA:) it is astringent; drying; having the quality of repelling effluent matters; and strengthening flaccid and weak members; (K, TA;) and especially the teeth; (TA;) and when steeped in vinegar, it blackens the hair: (K:) the word is post-classical; (S, O, K;) not of the language of the people of the desert: (S, IF, O, Msb:) or it is Arabic; (AHn, O, K;) and from it is derived ↓ عُفُوصَةٌ, signifying “ a taste in which is astringency and bitterness; ” as also the epithet ↓ عَفِصٌ, applied to a taste. (AHn, O.) عَفَصٌ A twisting in the nose: (O, K:) so they say. (O.) عَفِصٌ A taste (AHn, S, O, Msb) having an astringent quality, (AHn, S, O, Msb, K,) and bitterness, (AHn, O, K,) which render swallowing difficult; (TA;) disagreeable and choking; or disagreeable, with dryness and bitterness; or rough; syn. بَشِعٌ. (TA.) See عَفْصٌ.

عَفْصِىٌّ [app. A seller of عَفْص, or galls. Five relaters of traditions of whom each bore this appellation are mentioned in the TA.]

عِفَاصٌ The receptacle in which is put money or the like that one expends, (A'Obeyd, Az, A, Mgh, O, Msb, K,) or, as some say, in which is the pastor's money or the like that he expends, (TA,) made of skin, or of a piece of rag, or other material. (A'Obeyd, Az, A, * Mgh, O, Msb, K. *) b2: And hence, (A'Obeyd, O, Az, &c.,) The skin with which the head of a flask, or bottle, is covered: (A 'Obeyd, Az, S, A, Mgh, O, Msb, K:) it is said to be its صِمَام [or stopper]; (Az, Mgh, O, Msb;) by Lth; (Az, O, Msb;) but the right explanation is that given by A 'Obeyd: (Az, Msb:) that which enters into its mouth is the صِمَام: (S:) or it has this latter signification also: (A:) or it signifies accord. to El-Ghooree, (Mgh,) or signifies also, (A, K,) the case (غِلَاف [which has app. been misunderstood as meaning the skin cover of the head of a flask or bottle, before mentioned.]) of a flask, or bottle: (A, Mgh, O, K:) but the first is the explanation that is preferred. (Mgh.) [See 1, first signification.) عُفُوصَةٌ in taste, (S,) Astringency (S, K) and bitterness, (K,) which render swallowing difficult: (TA:) a taste in which is astringency and bitterness: derived from عَفْصٌ, q. v. (AHn, O.) [See also عَفِصٌ.]

مُعَفَّصٌ A garment, or piece of cloth, dyed with عَفْص [or galls]. (O, K.) مِعْفَاصٌ A young woman extremely evil in disposition: but the مِعْقَاص (with ق) is more evil than she. (IAar, O, K.)
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