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1 عَكَدَنِى, (O, K,) aor. عَكِدَ, (K,) inf. n. عَكْدٌ [q. v. infrà], (TK,) It (an affair) was, or became, possible, or practicable, to me. (O, K.) b2: عَكَدَ

إِلَيْهِ He had recourse, betook himself, or repaired, to him for refuge, or protection; (O, K;) as also اليه ↓ اعكد; (O, K; omitted in the TA;) and عَكَدَ عُنُقَهُ إِلَيْهِ, (O, TA,) and عَقَدَ likewise; (TA;) so too عَكِدَ بِهِ; (TA;) which last signifies (O, K) also (TA) he stuck to him, or it. (O, K, TA.) See also 8. [And see 10.]

A2: عَكِدَ, (S, O, L, K,) aor. عَكَدَ, (L, K,) inf. n. عَكَدٌ; (L;) said of a [lizard of the species termed] ضَبّ; (S, O, L, K;) and in like manner said of a camel; as also ↓ استعكد; (K;) or in like manner [عَكِدَت] said of a she-camel; and ↓ استعكد said of a boy; (O;) He became fat, (S, O, L, K,) and hard in his flesh. (L.) 4 أَعْكَدَ see the preceding paragraph.8 اعتكدهُ He (a man, O) kept, or clave, to it, (O, K,) namely, a thing; (O;) like ↓ عَكَدَهُ. (TA.) 10 استعكد He (a bird) drew close, or betook himself, to a thing, in fear of the birds of prey. (O, K.) And استعكد بِحَجَرٍ, or بِشَجَرٍ, He (a [lizard of the species termed] ضَبّ) betook himself, or repaired, for refuge, or protection, to a stone, or to trees, in fear of the eagle or the hawk. (T, M, O, TA.) b2: And, said of water, It collected. (TA.) b3: See also 1, in two places.

عَكْدٌ: see مَعْكُودٌ: A2: and see also what here follows.

عَكَدٌ, (so accord. to the O and my MS. copy of the K,) or ↓ عَكْدٌ, (so accord. to the L and the copy of the K followed in the TA,) [in the CK عُكْد,] The middle of a thing. (O, L. K.) b2: See also عَكَدَةٌ.

عَكِدٌ Fat, (S, O, L, K,) and hard in his flesh; (L;) applied to a [lizard of the species termed]

ضَبّ, (S, O, L, K,) and to a camel: (K:) fem. with ة, (S, O, L, K,) applied to a she-camel. (S, O, L.) عُكْدَةٌ The [rump-bone called] عُصْعُص (IAar, O, K) and قُحْقُح; both of which signify the same thing. (IAar, O. [But they are differently expl. by different authors.]) See also عَكَدَةٌ, in two place. The pl. is عُكَدٌ. (L.) A2: And The hole, or burrow, of the [lizard called] ضَبّ. (O, K. *) A3: And Power, or strength. (O, K.) عَكَدَةٌ The root of the tongue; (S, O, L, K;) as also ↓ عُكْدَةٌ and عَقَدَةٌ; (L;) i. e. the thick part thereof: (TA in art. عقد:) or the main part thereof: or the middle thereof. (L.) b2: and The root of the tail; (O, L;) as also ↓ عُكْدَةٌ [q. v.]. (L.) The pl. is ↓ عَكَدٌ [or rather this is a coll. gen. n. of which عَكَدَةٌ is the n. un.]. (L.) b3: Also The base of the heart, (O, L, K, TA,) between the two lungs. (L, TA.) A2: And A feather with which bread is marked with points, like dots. (O, K.) مَعْكِدٌ A place to which one has recourse, or betakes himself, for refuge, or protection. (O, K.) مَعْكُودٌ Possible, or practicable. (K. [Omitted in the O and in the TA, except in as far as it is implied by what here follows.]) One says, مَعْكُودُكَ أَنْ تَفْعَلَ كَذَا, (O, TA,) and أُمُّ مَعْكُودِكَ, (O,) meaning The utmost that is possible, or practicable, to thee is thy doing such a thing: (O, TA:) and هٰذَا الأَمْرُ ↓ عَكْدُكَ The utmost that is possible, or practicable, to thee is this affair. (TA.) A2: Also Remaining, staying, dwelling, or abiding, and keeping close. (O, K.) And Imprisoned, or confined. (Yaakoob, O, K.) b2: And, applied to food, Unfailing, constant, or permanent; (O, K, TA;) and prepared. (TA.) مُسْتَعْكَدُ مَآءٍ [A place in which water collects: see 10]. (TA.)
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