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1 عَلَكَهُ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. عَلُكَ (Msb, K) and عَلِكَ, (K,) inf. n. عَلْكٌ, (Msb,) He chewed it; (S, Msb, K;) and moved it backwards and forwards in his mouth, to chew it. (K.) b2: عَلَكَ اللِّجَامَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. عَلُكَ, (S,) or عَلِكَ, (O,) He (a horse) chewed, or champed, the bit, (S, O, Msb,) or moved it about, (K,) in his mouth; (S, O, K;) like أَلَكَهُ. (ISd and K in art. الك.) b3: And عَلَكَ نَابَيْهِ He ground, or grated, his canine teeth, one with the other, so that a sound was produced. (K.) b4: عَلَكَتْ عَجِينَهَا She kneaded well her dough. (TA.) 2 علّك القِرْبَةَ, (K,) inf. n. تَعْلِيكٌ, (O, K,) He tanned well the water-skin: (O, K:) mentioned by AHn (TA) and Ibn-'Abbád (O, TA) and Z. (TA.) b2: علّك مَالَهُ He tended, or managed, well, his cattle, or property. (O, K, TA.) b3: and علّك يَدَيْهِ عَلَى مَالِهِ He tightened his hands upon his property, from niggardliness, (K, TA,) not entertaining a guest nor giving to a petitioner or beggar. (TA.) 5 مَا تَعَلَّكْتُ بِعَلُوكٍ [I have not occupied myself in chewing with anything that is chewed; or] I have not tasted anything; and so مَاتَأَلَّكْتُ بِأَلُوكٍ and مَا تَعَلَّجْتُ بِعَلُوجٍ. (O in art. علج.) R. Q. 3 اِعْلَنْكَكَ الشَّعَرُ The hair was, or became, intensely black, (اِحْلَنْكَكَ, S,) or abundant, (K,) and collected together. (S, K.) عِلْكٌ [Resin;] a certain thing that is chewed; (S, O;) the صَمْغ [meaning resin] of the صَنَوْبَر and of the أَرْزَة and of the فُسْتُق and of the سَرْو and of the يَنْبُوت and of the بُطْم; the last of which is the best of these; (K, TA;) like لُبَان [or frankincense], which is chewed and is not thereby liquefied; (TA;) heating, diuretic, and strengthening to the venereal faculty; (K, TA;) any صَمْغ [or resin] that is chewed, consisting of frankincense (لُبَان) and of other sorts, and that does not flow [in consequence of its being chewed]: (Msb:) pl. [of mult.] عُلُوكٌ (Msb, K) and [of pauc.] أَعْلاَكٌ. (Msb, TA.) عَلَكٌ and ↓ عَلَاكٌ (O, K) and ↓ عُلَاكٌ (accord. to some copies of the K, but not in the O nor in the TA,) A tree of El-Hijáz: (K:) or a species of trees growing in the region of El-Hijáz: AHn says, the عَلَك are certain trees, of the characteristics of which I have not heard a description. (O.) عَلِكٌ Food tough, or hard to chew; (O, K;) as also ↓ عَالِكٌ. (K.) [And] A viscous, glutinous, cohesive, sticky, ropy, or slimy, thing. (S.) b2: طِينَةٌ عَلِكَةٌ A piece, or portion, of clay or earth, green, or of a dark or an ashy dust-colour, (خَضْرَآءُ,) and soft, (O, TA,) in which is no sand. (TA.) b3: And أَرْضٌ عَلِكَةٌ Land near to water. (O, K.) عَلَكَةٌ A fat and goodly she-camel. (K.) عَلِكَةٌ The شِقْشِقَة [or faucial bag] of the camel, when he brays: (O, K:) pl. عَلِكَاتٌ. (O.) b2: and the latter, (عَلِكَاتٌ,) Strong canine teeth: (K:) this is said by some to be its meaning in a verse of Ru-beh. (O.) عَلَاكٌ: see عُلَاكٌ: A2: and see also عَلَكٌ.

عُلَاكٌ A thing that is chewed; as also ↓ عَلَاكٌ [and ↓ عَلُوكٌ (see 5)]: so in the saying مَا ذَاقَ عُلَاكًا and عَلَاكًا [and عَلُوكًا, i. e. He tasted not a thing that is chewed; meaning, anything]. (K, TA.) A2: See also عَلَكٌ.

عَلُوكٌ: see the next preceding paragraph: and see also أَلُوكٌ.

عُلَاكَةٌ i. q. عُرَاكَةٌ [q. v.]. (TA in art. عرك.) عَلَّاكٌ A seller of عِلْك [or resin]. (K.) عَالِكٌ [act. part. n. of 1; Chewing; &c.]. b2: [The pl.] عَوَالِكُ is applied by Ru-beh to bitted mares [as meaning Chewing, or champing the bits]. (O.) b3: See also عَلِكٌ.

عَوْلَكٌ A stammering, or stuttering, (لَجْلَجَةٌ,) in the tongue: (K:) [or, app., an action, in the tongue, like chewing: for it is said that] فِى لِسَانِهِ عَوْلَكٌ means يَعْلُكُهُ and يَمْضُغُهُ [i. e., app., He chews his tongue in speaking]. (O, from Ibn-'Abbád.) A2: Also A certain vein (S, O, K) in the رَحِم [app. here meaning, as in many other instances, the vulva]; accord. to El-'Adebbes ElKinánee, (S, O,) in mares and she-asses and ewes or she-goats, in the بُظِارَة [q. v.], unapparent, (S, O, K,) in the interior thereof: (S, O:) the بظارة is between the two sides of the vulva: (TA:) pl. عَوَالكُ. (S, O.) Accord. to Ibn-Abbád, i. q. بَظْرٌ [q. v.]. (O.) مِعْلَاكٌ A thing like an arrow, which is shot. (IB, TA.)
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