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عَنْبَرٌ [Ambergris;] a certain odoriferous substance, (S, O, Msb, K,) well known; (O, Msb;) an excrement found in the belly of a certain great fish, [the spermaceti-whale,] which is called by the same name; (Towsheeh, TA;) or an excrement of a certain marine beast; (K;) or, accord. to Ks, a vegetable [substance found] in the bottom of the sea and driven by the waves to the shores thereof, whence it is taken; (O;) or, (O, K,) as the physicians say, (O,) it issues from a source in the sea; (O, * K;) [and there are other opinions respecting its origin, mentioned in the TA; but these I do not add, as it is well known to be an excrement of the spermaceti-whale;] the best kind is the white, and the whitish; next, the blue [or gray]; and the worst, the black: (TA:) the word is masc. and fem., (AA, IAmb, O, Msb,) like مِسْكٌ: (IAmb, TA voce ذَكِىٌّ:) MF says that most hold the ن to be augmentative, the measure being فَنْعَلٌ, as it is said to be in the Msb. (TA.) b2: [As mentioned above, it signifies also The spermaceti-whale;] a certain great fish; (Msb in art. عبر;) a certain marine fish, (Az, O, K,) the length of which reaches to fifty cubits, called in Pers. پاله [app. a mistranscription for وَالْ: see بَالٌ]: (Az, TA:) shields are made of its skin; (Mgh, O, TA;) and the people of Juddeh have sandals, or shoes, made thereof. (O, TA.) b3: And hence, (O,) A shield (S, O, K) made of the skin of the fish above-mentioned: (O, K:) and some say, coats of defence (دُرُوع). (O.) A2: Also Saffron. (K.) b2: And (as some say, TA) [The plant called] وَرْس. (K.) b3: [Accord. to Forskål (Flora Aegypt. Arab. p. lxiv.) now applied to Gomphrena globosa.]

A3: See also the next paragraph, in two places.

عَنْبَرَةُ قَوْمٍ The purity of the pedigrees of a people. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) Hence the vulgar say of a thing that is pure, ↓ هٰذَا عَنْبَر. (TA.) b2: عَنْبَرَةُ القِدْرِ The onion: (K:) because it makes [the contents of] the قدر to become savoury. (TA.) b3: عَنْبَرَةُ الشِّتَآء, (Ks, O, K, TA,) or, accord. to Kr, it is الشتآءِ ↓ عَنْبَرُ, (TA,) The vehemence, or rigour, of winter. (Ks, Kr, O, K.) عَنْبَرِىٌّ Of, or belonging to, بَنُو العَنْبَرِ, (O, K,) or بَلْعُنْبَرِ, (O,) a tribe of تَمِيم, (O,) who were the most skilful people as guides: (O, K:) hence the proverbial saying, أَنْتَ عَنْبَرِىٌّ بِهٰذَا البَلَدِ [Thou art an 'Amberee in this country, or district]. (O, K. *)
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