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عَنْكَبٌ: see عَنْكَبُوتٌ, in two places.

عَنْكَبَاةٌ and عَنْكَبَآءُ: see the next paragraph.

عَنْكَبُوتٌ; (S, O, K;) generally fem., (S, O,) but sometimes masc.; (O, K;) also, fem., عَكْنَبَاةٌ, (S, O, K,) in the dial. of El-Yemen, with the ك put before the ن; (TA;) and ↓ عَنْكَبَاةٌ and عَنْكَبُوهٌ (so in the O and TA, but in the CK and a MS. copy of the K عَنْكَبُوةٌ); and ↓ عَنْكَبَاءُ; (O, K;) the last mentioned by Sb as shewing the ت in عنكبوت to be an augmentative letter; but it is doubtful whether this be a sing., or a quasi-pl. n.: (TA:) also, masc., ↓ عَنْكَبٌ; (IAar, O, K;) fem., عَنْكَبَةٌ: (IAar, K:) or the former of these two words is a coll. gen. n. [and the latter, its n. un.]: (TA:) [The spider;] the thing that weaves; (S, O;) an insect that weaves a delicate web in the air and upon the upper part of a well: (TA:) pl. عَنَاكِبُ (S, O, K) and عَنْكَبُوتَاتٌ (K) and عَنَاكِيبُ (Lh, TA) and عَنَاكبِيتُ, (As, Ktr, TA,) which last is anomalous, in its having four letters together after its ا: dim. ↓ عُنَيْكِبٌ and ↓ عُنَيْكِيبٌ and ↓ عُنَيْكِبِيتٌ; but this last is not approved: (TA:) quasi-pl. nouns عِكَابٌ and عُكُبٌ and أَعْكُبٌ [in the CK أَعْكَبٌ]. (K.) بَيْتُ العنكبوت [The spider's web] is also called عَكْدَبَةٌ. (Fr, TA.) b2: Sá'ideh-Ibn-Ju-eiyeh says, مَقَتُّ نِسَآءً بِالْحِجَازِ صَوَالِحًا

↓ وَإِنَّا مَقَتْنَا كُلَّ سَوْدَآءَ عَنْكَبِ [meaning I hated virtuous women in El-Hijáz; and verily we hated every black, short woman: for] here عنكب signifies short: (Skr, L:) or it may be syn. with عَنْكَبُوتٌ, but be used as an epithet, though a subst., because it implies blackness and shortness. (IJ, L.) b3: زَهْرُ العَنْكَبُوتِ: see رُتَيْلَآءُ. b4: عنكبوت also signifies A worm, or maggot, that is engendered in the honeycomb, and spoils the honey. (AHn, L.) b5: عنكبوت is mentioned in this art. agreeably with the rule of Sb; when ن occupies the second place in a word, it is not to be pronounced augmentative without proof: but J and some others consider the ن augmentative, and mention the word in art. عكب. (TA.) عُنَيْكِبٌ and عُنَيْكِيبٌ and عُنَيْكِبِيتٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مُعَنْكَبُ القَرْنِ A he-goat having a horn curved so as to resemble a ring. (Az, TA.)
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