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4 اعنم He pastured upon, or depastured, the species of tree called عَنَم. (AA, K, * TA.) عَنَمٌ A certain tree of El-Hijáz, having a red fruit, to which are likened the dyed fingers or ends of fingers: (IAar, K:) in the “ Nawádir ”

said to be sappy, or tender, branches, that grow upon the trunks of the [trees called] عِضَاه, not resembling the other branches thereof, red in colour, the upper parts of the blossoms of which divide into four divisions, like a branch of an أَرَاكَة [n. un. of أَرَاكٌ, q. v.]; coming forth in winter and in summer: (IDrd, TA:) or a species of trees having tender branches, to which are likened the fingers, or the ends of the fingers, of girls, or young women: (S:) in the “ Book of Plants ” [of AHn] said to be a small tree that grows in the midst, or interior part, of the سَمُرَة [or gum-acacia-tree], having a red fruit: (TA:) or, accord. to AA, the [fruit called] زُعْرُور [q. v.]: (TA, and so in a copy of the S:) or, (S, K, TA,) as AO says, (S, TA,) the extremities of the Syrian خَرُّوب [or locust-tree]: (S, K, TA:) and he says that a verse of En-Nábighah is recited thus: بِمُخَضَّبٍ رَخْصٍ كَأَنَّ بَنَانَهُ عَنَمٌ عَلَى أَغْصَانِهِ لَمْ يُعْقَدِ [With a dyed member (عُضْوٍ being understood, instead of كَفٍّ, because the latter is fem.,) soft, or tender, as though its fingers, or its fingers' ends, were 'anam upon their branches, not yet compactly organized]; which shows that it means a plant, not a worm: (S, TA:) [for] it is said to signify a species of red worm, found in sand: (Ham p. 288, in which are other explanations, nearly agreeing with some here:) or, as some say, the fruit of the عَوْسَج [or box-thorn], which is red, and then becomes black when thoroughly ripe; therefore En-Nábighah says لَمْ يُعْقَد, meaning that had not yet become ripe: (IB, TA; and also inserted in the text of a copy of the S:) and, (K, TA,) as AHn says in one instance, (TA,) threads [or tendrils] by means of which the vine clings to its trellises: (K, TA:) and (accord. to Lth, TA) the thorns of the طَلْح [or acacia gummifera]; (K, TA;) but this is said by Az to be incorrect: (TA:) [see also a hemistich cited voce طَرَفٌ:] the n. un. is ↓ عَنَمَةٌ. (K.) عَنَمَةٌ: see what immediately precedes.

A2: Also A species of the [sort of lizard called] وَزَغ; (K, TA;) accord. to Lth; but this is rejected, as incorrect, by Az: it is said to be like the عَظَاية, except that it is more white and more comely. (TA.) A3: Also, (accord. to copies of the K,) or عَنْمَةٌ, (accord. to the TA,) A fissure in the lip of a human being. (K.) عَنَمِىٌّ A beautiful red face; (K, TA;) tinged over with redness. (TA.) عَيْنُومٌ The male frog. (K.) بَنَانٌ مُعَنَّمٌ [Fingers, or fingers' ends,] dyed, or tinged [with hinnà or the like]. (IJ, S, K.)
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