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1 عَوِصَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. يَعْوَصُ; (Msb, TA;) and عَاصَ, aor. يَعَاصُ; (A, O, K;) inf. n. (of the former, Msb, or of the latter, A) عَوَصٌ (A, O, Msb, K) and عِيَاصٌ; (A, O, K; [and accord. to the CK عَيْصٌ also, but this I do not find elsewhere,]) It (a thing [or, accord. to the O, so the former verb, but both as said of language,]) was, or became, difficult; (S, * A, O, Msb, K;) syn. اِشْتَدَّ, (A, O, K,) or صَعُبَ; (Msb;) as also ↓ اعتاص: (Msb:) and it was, or became, impossible; contr. of أَمْكَنَ. (TA.) Yousay, عَلَيْهِ الأَمْرُ ↓ اعتاص The thing, or affair, was, or became, difficult and intricate to him: (S, TA:) or difficult and confused and intricate to him, so that he did not find the right course (O, K, TA) therein. (O, TA.) b2: Also said of language, inf. n. as above, (A, K,) and عَائِصٌ also, (TA, [see عَوِيصٌ,]) meaning It was, or became, difficult; syn. صَعُبَ: (A, O, * K:) and [in like manner] ↓ اعتاص, said of language, it was, or became, obscure. (TA.) b3: [The two inf. ns. first mentioned above are also quasi-inf. ns. of أَعْوَصَ, q. v.]2 عوّص, inf. n. تَعْوِيصٌ, He put forth, or proposed, a verse difficult to be explained, or understood. (O, K, * TA.) [See also 4.] b2: He did not pursue a right course in saying nor in acting. (TA.) 3 عاوصهُ He wrestled with him, each endeavouring to throw down the other. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) 4 أَعْوَصَ He said what was difficult to be understood: (Msb:) he spoke, or made use of, strange language, or a strange expression. (S, TA.) [See also 2.] You say also, اعوص فِى المَنْطِقِ He was obscure in speech. (TA.) And اعوص بِالخَصْمِ, (S, A, O, K,) inf. n. [or rather quasi-inf. n.]

عَوَصٌ and عِيَاصٌ, (K, TA, [the latter written in the CK عَياص,]) He made the adversary's case, or affair, difficult and intricate to him: (S, O, K:) or he brought upon the adversary that which was difficult and intricate to him: (A:) or he brought the adversary into a case which he did not understand. (TA.) And اعوص عَلَيْهِ, (O, K, TA,) and بِهِ, (TA,) He introduced against him, of arguments, what it was difficult for him to evade. (O, K, TA.) A2: أَعْوَصَنِى [It caused me to be in difficulty, so that I was unable to accomplish it]. (Ibn-'Abbád, in O voce أَعْوَقَ, q. v.) 8 إِعْتَوَصَ see 1, in three places. b2: اعتاصت النَّاقَةُ The she-camel, being covered, did not conceive, (Lth, S, O, K,) though there was no disease in her: (S, TA:) and in like manner, اعتاصت رَحِمُهَا [her womb was not impregnated]: accord. to Yaakoob, the ص in this verb is substituted for the ط in اعتاطت, which, accord. to Az, is the more common: or, as some say, the former is said particularly of a mare, and the latter of a she-camel. (TA.) عَوَصٌ [inf. n. of 1]: see عَوِيصٌ.

عَوُوصٌ A ewe, or she-goat, that does not yield her milk plentifully, though plied hard. (O, K.) عَوِيصٌ A difficult thing, or affair: (Msb:) and the same, (K,) or ↓ عَوْصَآءُ, (O, TA,) applied to a calamity (دَاهِيَة) difficult, severe, grievous, or distressing: (O, K, TA:) IJ holds it to be used [only] as a subst. (M, voce صَوِيبٌ.) b2: Also Language Difficult to be understood: (Msb:) obscure; or not comprehended or understood; as also ↓ أَعْوَصُ and ↓ عَائِصٌ, which last is [originally] an inf. n., like فَالِجٌ &c.: (TA:) poetry of which the meaning is difficult to be elicited; (S, O, K;) as also ↓ أَعْوَصُ: (O, K:) also عَوِيصٌ, (K, TA,) and عَوِيصَةٌ, (TA,) and ↓ عَوْصَآءُ, (S, Msb, K, TA,) applied to a word, or an expression, or a sentence, or the like, (كَلِمَة,) strange: (S, K:) or difficult to be understood. (Msb.) b3: Also, applied to earth [تُرَاب), Hard: (K:) and ↓ عَوْصَآءُ, applied to a piece of sand (رَمْلَة), difficult to traverse: (MF:) or, accord. to ISh, the latter is applied as an epithet to what is termed مَيْثَآءُ, [of which one signification is an even, or a soft, tract of sand,] in the sense of مُخَالِفَةٌ [app. meaning opposing one's progress]: and the state, or quality, thereof, is termed ↓ عَوَصٌ. (O, TA.) b4: And, applied to a place, Rugged, high, and difficult. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) b5: Also, (K,) or ↓ عَوْصَآءُ, (S, O, TA,) [as an epithet in which the quality of a subst. predominates,] A difficult affair: (K, TA:) or the most difficult of affairs. (S, O, TA.) You say, ↓ فُلَانٌ يَرْكَبُ العَوْصَآءَ Such a one embarks in, or undertakes, the most difficult of affairs. (S, O, TA.) b6: Also عَوِيصٌ, (K,) or ↓ عَوْصَآءُ, (S, TA,) Difficulty, or distress: (S, K:) or difficulty and want. (TA in art. عيص.) Yousay, ↓ أَصَابَتْهُمْ عَوْصَآءُ Difficulty, or distress, befell them. (TA.) And عَيْصَآءُ signifies the same; the ى being interchangeable with the و. (TA.) عَائِصٌ: see عَوِيصٌ, second sentence. b2: Also A ewe, or she-goat, that has not conceived for some years: (S, O, K:) pl. عُوصٌ, (O, K,) [and app. عِيصٌ,] made to accord with عُوطٌ and عِيطٌ. (O, TA.) أَعْوَصُ: fem. عَوْصَآءُ: see عَوِيصٌ, throughout.

نَاقَةٌ مُعْتَاصَةٌ [An intractable, or unmanageable, she-camel]. (K in art. أَبد; there coupled with وَحْشِيَّةٌ.) مِعْيَاصٌ: see art. عيص.
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