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1 عَاطَتْ, aor. تَعُوطُ, (S, K,) and تَعِيطُ, (K,) inf. n. عَوْطٌ (M, TA) and, accord. to some, ↓ عُوطَطٌ, which others hold to be a pl. of عَائِطٌ, (A'Obeyd, S,) but Sb holds it to be a subst. having the sense of an inf. n., (TA,) and عَيْطٌ and عِيَاطٌ, (K,) She (a camel) did not conceive in the first year after having been covered: nor in the next following year: (S:) or i. q. ↓ اعتاطت and ↓ تعوّطت and ↓ تعيّطت, (K,) which (or the first and second of which, IDrd, O) signify she (a camel, IDrd, S, M, A, O, K, and a woman, A, K) did not conceive for several years, (Lth, IDrd, S, O, K,) without being barren; (Lth, K;) and sometimes this is caused by the abundance of her fat: (Lth, S:) the last three verbs also signify, (the first of them accord. to the K, and the other two also accord to the TA,) she (a camel) did not conceive, having been covered; (K, TA;) or although her womb had attained to maturity. (TA. [See also اعتاصت, in art. عوص.]) b2: [Hence the saying,] الأَذْهَانُ ↓ هٰذَا زَمَانٌ عَقُمَتْ فِيهِ القَرَائِحُ وَاعْتَاطَتِ اللَّوَاقِحُ (assumed tropical:) [This is a time in which the powers of elicitation have become unproductive, and the pregnant intellectual faculties have become fruitless]. (A, TA.) [Hence also,] الأَمْرُ ↓ اعتاط (assumed tropical:) The affair was, or became, difficult; or difficult and intricate; or impossible; i. q. اعتاص. (S, O.) A2: See also art. عيط.5 تَعَوَّطَ see 1: A2: and see also عَاطَتْ in art. عيط.8 إِعْتَوَطَ see 1, in three places.

عُوطَةٌ The quality denoted by the epithet عَائِطٌ, in a she-camel; as also ↓ عُوطَطٌ and ↓ عُوطُطٌ and عُيْطَطٌ [perhaps a mistake for عِيطَطٌ]. (TA.) عُوطَطٌ and عُوطُطٌ: see 1, and عُوطَةٌ, and عَائِطٌ, this last in two places.

عَائِطٌ A she-camel not conceiving in the first year after having been covered: (Ks, Az, S, O:) or a she-camel, (Lth, K,) and a woman, (K,) not conceiving for several years, without being barren; (Lth, K;) as also ↓ مُعْتَاطٌ: (Lth, IAth, O, * TA:) and a she-camel not conceiving when covered; (K;) as also ↓ مُعْتَاطٌ, or ↓ مُعْتَاطَةٌ: (accord. to different copies of the K:) or not conceiving when her womb has attained to maturity: (TA:) ↓ مُعْتَاطٌ is also applied to a ewe or she-goat, as meaning not conceiving, by reason of the abundance of her fat; (IAth;) and occurs in a trad., so applied, (S, IAth,) and expl. as signifying اَلَّتِى لَمْ تَلِدْ وَقَدْ حَانَ وِلَادُهَا; but by this is app. meant that has not conceived, although the time for her conceiving has come: (IAth:) the pl. of عَائِطٌ is عُوطٌ, (Ks, S, M, O, K,) which is also applied to women, and she-goats, (M,) and عِيطٌ (Ks, S, O, K) and عُيَّطٌ (M, O, K) and عَوَائِطُ (TA) and ↓ عُوطَطٌ [which is irregular, like حُولَلٌ,] (Ks, S, O, K) and عَوْطَطٌ (accord. to the CK) and عُوطُطٌ, (K,) but this is a dial. var. of عُوطَطٌ accord. to those who assert it to be an inf. n., (As, O, TA,) for some assert this last to be an inf. n., not a pl., and in like manner حُولَلٌ, (A'Obeyd, S, O,) but Sb holds it to be a subst. in the sense of an inf. n., originally عُيْطَطٌ. (L, TA.) عَائِطُ عِيطٍ and عَائِطُ عُوطٍ and ↓ عَائِطُ عُوطَطٍ (S, O, K) have an intensive signification, (K,) Not conceiving in the first year after having been covered, nor in the next following year; like حَائِلُ حُولٍ and حَائِلُ حُولَلٍ. (S, O.) [عِيطٌ is also pl. of أَعْيَطُ, which see in art. عيط.]

مُعْتَاطٌ, and with ة: see عَائِطٌ, in four places. The author of the K has confounded the words belonging to this art. with those belonging to art. عيط. (TA.)
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