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1 عَاثَ, aor. يَعِيثُ, inf. n. عَيْثٌ (S, O, K) and عُيُوثٌ and عَيَثَانٌ, (TA,) He acted corruptly; or made, or did, mischief; syn. أَفْسَدَ: (S, O, K:) or, accord. to Az, he hastened, or was hasty or quick, in so acting: (TA:) accord. to Er-Rághib, عَيْثٌ and عُثِىٌّ, or عِثِىٌّ, and عُثُوٌّ are nearly alike; but عَيْثٌ is mostly used in relation to that which is perceived by sense; and عثىّ and عثوّ, in relation to that which is perceived by the [mind or] judgment: some say that عثوّ is the “ acting corruptly in the utmost degree: ” and some, that it is the “ acting wrongfully, injuriously, or unjustly; ” and sometimes does not involve the acting corruptly: (MF, TA:) Lh says that عَثِىَ is of the dial. of El-Hijáz, and is the [more] approved form; and عاث is of the dial. of the BenooTemeem, who say, لَا تَعِيثُوا فِى الأَرْضِ [Act not ye corruptly, or do not ye mischief, in the earth]. (TA.) Hence one says, عاث الذِّئْبُ فِى الغَنَمِ The wolf made, or did, mischief among the sheep or goats; syn. أَفْسَدَ. (S, A, O.) And عِيثِى جَعَارِ [Do mischief, O she-hyena]: a prov. used in declaring a thing to be vain, or false. (K in art. جعر.) And عاث فِى مَالِهِ He dissipated his property; or squandered, and wasted, or ruined, it: and he expended it quickly. (TA.) b2: عاث, aor. and inf. ns. as above, also signifies He took without gentleness. (L.) b3: And عاث, inf. n. عَيْثٌ, He ventured upon an affair not caring what he fell upon. (AA.) 2 عيّث, (S, O, K,) inf. n. تَعْيِيثٌ, (S, O,) He searched [or groped] for a thing with the hand, without his seeing it: (S, O, K:) or, said of a blind man, he searched [or groped] for a thing: and, said of a man possessing sight, he searched [or groped] for a thing in the dark: written by Kr with غ. (L.) [It is said in the TA, in art. غيث, that ISd thought عيّث, with the unpointed ع, to be a mistranscription; but that it is correct.] b2: And hence, عيّث فِى الكِنَانَةِ He put his hand into the quiver to search for an arrow: (TA:) or he turned about his hand in the quiver to search for the arrow. (A.) b3: عيّث يَفْعَلُ كَذَا He set about, began, or commenced, doing such a thing. (O, K.) b4: عَيَّثَتْ طَيْرُهُ [lit.] His birds [from which he augured] became confused to him; [meaning (assumed tropical:) his affairs, or case, became confused and perplexing to him]; syn. اِخْتَلَطَتْ عَلَيْهِ. (O, K.) [See also غَيَّمَ.] b5: عيّث فِى السَّنَامِ He made a mark, or an impression, upon the camel's hump with a knife. (TA.) 5 تعيّثتِ الإِبِلُ The camels drank less than what would satisfy their thirst. (O, K.) عَيْثَةٌ A plain, or soft, tract of land, (O, K,) not consisting of sand nor of dust nor of clay. (O.) عَيْثَى is like عَجَبًا: (K, TA: [in the O, like عَجَبَى:]) a word expressive of wonder: one says عَيْثَى لَهُ, meaning عَجَبًا لَهُ, for أَعْجَبُ عَجَبًا لَهُ [I wonder greatly, lit. with wondering, at him, or it]: (TK: [but a verse cited in the O indicates that one says عَيْثَى بِهِ:]) in one copy of the K, عَيْثًا. (TA.) رَجُلٌ عَيْثَانُ A man who acts corruptly; or who makes, or does, mischief: [or rather, who does so much, or often:] fem., applied to a woman, عَيْثَى. (Seer, TA.) العَيُوثُ: see what next follows.

العَيَّاثُ The lion; (A, O, K;) as also ↓ العَيُوثُ and ↓ العَائِثُ. (O, K.) العَائِثُ: see what next precedes.

أَعْيَثُ مِنْ جَعَارِ [More mischievous than the she-hyena]: is a prov. (Meyd, and A and TA in art. جعر.)
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