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عِيصٌ A dense, or tangled wood; a numerous collection of dense, or tangled, trees: (S, O, K:) or [lote-trees of the species called] سِدْر (AHn, O, TA) collected together in one place, (AHn, O,) of which the lower parts are dense, or tangled: (AHn, TA:) or dense, or tangled, trees, some growing in, or among, the lower parts of others: (TA:) pl. [of pauc.] أَعْيَاصٌ and [of mult.] عِصْيانٌ: (O, K:) also what are collected together (AHn, O, K, TA) in a place, (AHn, O, TA,) and are near together, and dense, or tangled, (AHn, O, K, TA,) of [trees of the kinds called] عِضَاه, (O, K,) or of [the trees called] سِدْر and عَوْسَج and نَبْع and سَلَم and all kinds of عضاه: so says 'Omárah, (O, TA,) and AHn says the like: (TA:) or (K) what are dense, or tangled, and numerous, (El-Kilábee, O, TA,) of thick and tough trees, (El-Kilábee, O, K, TA,) such as the سَلَم and طَلْح and سَيَال and سِدْر and سَمُر and عُرْفُط and عِضَاه. (El-Kilábee, O, TA.) b2: Also A place of growth of the best of trees: (Lth, A, O, K:) or, as some say, the lower parts of trees. (TA.) b3: And hence, (A,) A stock, or race. (S, * A, K. *) You say, هُوَ مِنْ عِيصِ بَنِى هَاشِمٍ He is of the stock, or race, of Benoo-Háshim. (A.) and مَا أَكْرَمَ عِيصَهُ How generous, or noble, are his fathers, or ancestors, and paternal and maternal uncles, and the people of his house ! (TA.) and it is said in a prov., عِيصُكَ مِنْكَ وَإِنْ كَانَ أَشِبًا, i. e. Thy stock is an appertenance of thine though it be thorny and intricate or confused: (AZ, O, TA:) meaning, accord. to A'Obeyd, those who are connected with thee by origin are thy kinsmen, although they follow a different way of life: have patience, therefore, for thou canst not remove them from thee: (Meyd:) [see Freytag's Arab. Prov., ii. 95:] implying dispraise: or, accord. to AHeyth, عِيصٌ أَشِبٌ denotes praise; force of resistance, or inaccessibleness or unapproachableness, and numerousness, being meant thereby. (O, TA.) You say also, هُوَ فِى عِيصِ صِدْقٍ He is of a good, or an excellent, stock. (Sh, O, TA.) b4: جِئْ بِهِ مِنْ عِيصِكَ means Bring thou it from wherever it is. (TA.) عَيْصَآءُ: see عَوِيصٌ, (in art. عوص,) last sentence.

مَعِيصٌ A place of growth [app., as seems to be implied in the S, of trees such as are termed عِيص]. (S, O, K.) مِعْيَاصٌ Any one who is hard, or difficult, with respect to that which another desires of him: (O, K:) app. originally مِعْوَاصٌ: mentioned in the L in art. عوص. (TA.)
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