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1 عَامَ, aor. يَعِيمُ and يَعَامُ, inf. n. عَيْمَةٌ (S, K) and عَيْمٌ, (thus in copies of the K,) or عَيَمٌ, thus accord. to Lth, (TA,) He (a man, S) desired, or desired eagerly, or longed for, milk: (S, K:) and he thirsted: (K: [like غَامَ:]) [or thirsted vehemently: (see عَيْمَةٌ, below:)] or, accord. to ISk, عام إِلَى اللَّبَنِ means he (a man) desired, or longed for, milk very immoderately: (S:) or he betook himself to milk, or the milk, and desired it eagerly, or longed for it; like اِسْتَشَنَّ إِلَيْهِ. (TA in art. شن.) b2: And عام القَوْمُ The people, or party, became scant in milk; their milk became little in quantity: or, accord. to Lh, عام signifies he lacked milk; or became destitute thereof; (TA;) [and] thus ↓ اعام signifies: (K:) and ↓ اعاموا they became scant in milk, or their milk became little in quantity, (K, TA,) their camels having died. (TA.) مَا لَهُ آمَ وَعَامَ is a form of imprecation, meaning [What aileth him?] May his wife and his cattle die, (TA,) [so that he shall have no wife and no milk, or and be eagerly desirous of milk.]4 اعامهُ اللّٰهُ God left him [or made him to be] without milk. (S, K.) And أَعَامَنَا بَنُو فُلَانٍ The sons of such a one took our milk [or our milch cattle]. (TA.) And أَصَابَتْنَا سَنَةٌ أَعَامَتْنَا [A year, or year of drought, that deprived us of our milk, or of our milch cattle, befell us]. (TA.) A2: See also 1, in two places.8 اعتام, (S, K,) aor. يَعْتَامُ, inf. n. اِعْتِيَامٌ, (TA,) He took, (S, K,) or chose, (T, TA,) the عِيمَة, i. e. the choice, or best, or excellent, of the camels or other property. (T, S, K, TA.) Tarafeh says, أَرَى المَوْتَ يَعْتَامُ الكِرَامَ وَيَصْطَفِى

عَقِيلَةَ مَالِ الفَاحِشِ المُتَشَدِّدِ [I see that death chooses the generous, and selects the most excellent of the property of the tenacious niggard]. (TA.) [See also اِعْتَمَاهُ, in art. عمى.]

b2: And اعتامهُ signifies also قَصَدَهُ [i. e. He tended, betook himself, or directed himself or his course or aim, to, or towards, him, or it; &c.]; like اِعْتَمَاهُ. (TA.) عَيْمَةٌ [mentioned above as an inf. n.] Desire, or eager desire, or longing, for milk: (S, K:) or vehemence of desire, or of longing, for milk, so that one cannot endure with patience the want of it. (TA.) It is said in a trad., كَانَ يَتَعَوَّذُ مِنَ العَيْمَةِ وَالغَيْمَةِ وَالأَيْمَةِ i. e. [He used to pray for protection from] vehemence of desire, or of longing, for milk, so as not to be able to endure with patience the want of it; and vehemence of thirst; and the remaining long without a wife. (TA.) b2: And Thirst: (K:) or, as some say, vehemence thereof; and so غَيْمَةٌ, as mentioned above. (TA.) عِيمَةٌ The choice, or best, or excellent, (Az, S, K, TA,) of camels or cattle or other property, (S, K, TA,) like عِيفَةٌ, (O and K in art. عيف,) and عِينَةٌ, (S in art. عين,) or, accord. to Az, of anything: pl. عِيَمٌ (TA.) عَيْمَانُ Desiring, or desiring eagerly, or longing for, milk: fem. عَيْمَى: (S, K:) the former applied to a man; and the latter, to a woman: (S:) pl. عِيَامٌ and عَيَامَى, like عِطَاشٌ and عَطَاشَى. (TA.) And [hence] one says رَجُلٌ عَيْمَانُ أَيْمَانُ meaning A man whose camels have gone [so that he is in want of milk] and whose wife has died: (S, K:) and AZ mentions, on the authority of Et-Tufeyl Ibn-Yezeed, اِمْرَأَةٌ عَيْمَى أَيْمَى a woman who has no camels, or the like, and whose husband has died. (TA.) b2: And Thirsty: (K:) [or vehemently thirsty. (See عَيْمَةٌ.)]

عَيَامٌ The day; syn. نَهَارٌ: (K:) mentioned by Az, on the authority of El-Muärrij. (TA.) One says, طَابَ العِيَامُ i. e. النَّهَارُ [The day became pleasant]. (TA.) [See عَامٌ, last sentence; in art. عوم.]

عَامٌ مُعِيمٌ A long [or tedious] year: (K:) or, as some say, a year of vehement عَيْمَة [i. e. desire, or longing, for milk; or thirst]: mentioned on the authority of Lh. (TA.) [See also art. عوم.]
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