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1 غَبَسَ, (K,) aor. غَبُسَ, (TK,) inf. n. غَبْسٌ; (TA;) and غَبِسَ, aor. غَبَسَ, inf. n. غَبَسٌ and غُبْسَةٌ; (IKtt, TA;) and ↓ أَغْبَسَ, (K,) in some copies of the K, erroneously, اِغْبَسَّ; (TA;) and ↓ اِغْبَاسَّ; (As, K;) It (the night, TA) was, or became, dark. (K.) [See also غَبِشَ.]

A2: غَبَسَ وَجْهَهُ He blackened his face. (TA.) 4 أَغْبَسَ see 1. b2: اغبس الذِّئْبُ, inf. n. إِغْبَاسٌ, [The wolf was, or became, of the colour termed غَبَس, and غُبْسَة.] (TA.) 11 إِغْبَاْسَّ see the first paragraph.

غَبَسٌ The darkness of the end, or last part, of the night; as also غَبَشٌ: (Lth:) or the darkness of the beginning, or first part, of the night; and غبش, that of the end, or last part, thereof: (TA:) or the former has the first of the abovementioned significations; as also غَلَسٌ; and غبش, the second of those significations. (ElKhattábee, MF.) [See also غَبَشٌ.] And Darkness [absolutely]; as also ↓ غُبْسَةٌ: or ↓ both signify whiteness in which is a duskiness or dinginess: (K:) or the former, (S,) and ↓ the latter, (A,) a colour like that of ashes; (S, A;) i. e., whiteness in which is a duskiness or dinginess: (S:) or ↓ the latter, a hue between dust-colour inclining to black and dust-colour properly so called: (IDrd:) or a colour between black and yellow. (TA.) [See also غَلَسٌ.]

غُبْسَةٌ: see غَبَسٌ, in four places.

لَا آتِيكَ مَا غَبَا غُبَيْسٌ means I will not come to thee ever: (S, K:) but the origin of this saying is unknown: (K:) IAar said that he knew it not: (S:) or, accord. to him, it means, while time lasts: it seems that he did not know it at first, and then thus explained it: (T, TA:) accord. to some, غُبَيْسٌ is an abbreviated dim. of أَغْبَسُ, and means the wolf; (S, K; *) and غَبَا is originally غَبَّ, the ا being substituted for one of the letters of duplication, as in تَقَضَّى for تَقَضَّضَ; (S;) and the saying means I will not come to thee as long as the wolf comes now and then (يَأْتِى غِبًّا) to the sheep or goats. (S, K. *) أَغْبَسُ Ash-coloured; (Mgh;) of a colour like that of ashes; (S;) of a dingy, or dusky, white; applied to a wolf: (S, K:) or it is an epithet applied to any wolf: or, applied to a wolf, light, or active, and greedy: fem. غَبْسَآءُ: (TA:) pl. غُبْسٌ. (K.) b2: Applied to an ass, Black. (TA.) b3: وَرْدٌ أَغْبَسُ, applied to a horse, [app., Of a dusky bay colour;] i. q. سَمَنْد; (Mgh, K;) what the Persians call by the latter term: (S, TA:) it is [a colour] desired by them. (TA.)
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