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1 غَبَقَهُ, (S, O, K,) aor. غَبُقَ (S, O, TA) and غَبِقَ, (TA,) inf. n. غَبْقٌ; (O, TA;) and ↓ غبّقهُ, inf. n. تَغْبِيقٌ; (TA;) He gave him to drink an eveningdraught, or what is termed a غَبُوق. (S, O, K, TA.) لَا أَغْبِقُ قَبْلَهُمَا أَهْلًا وَلَا مَالًا, in a trad. respecting the companions of the cave [to which allusion is made in the Kur ix. 40], in which the verb is thus written by El-Yooneenee with kesr to the ب, means I did not give to drink to any one [of family nor of cattle] the share [of the evening-draught] of milk of them two. (TA.) 2 غَبَّقَ see the next preceding paragraph. One says also غبّق الإِبِلَ, and الغَنَمَ, He gave to drink to the camels, and the sheep or goats, in the evening: or he milked them in the evening: and النَّاقَةَ ↓ اغتبق he milked the she-camel after sunset. (TA. [See also 5.]) 5 تغبّق He milked in the evening. (Lh, O, K. [See also what next precedes.]) b2: And He drank in the evening. (TA. [See also what next follows.]) 8 اغتبق, (S, O, K,) inf. n. اِغْتِبَاقٌ, (TA,) and مُغْتَبَقٌ may be an inf. n. as well as a n. of place, (O, K,) He drank an evening-draught, or what is termed a غَبُوق. (S, O, K. [See also what next precedes.]) b2: And اغتبق لَبَنَهَا He drank her (a camel's) milk in the evening. (TA.) b3: See also 2.

غَبْقَةٌ A single case of the evening-drink, or of what is termed غَبُوق. (TA.) غَبَقَةٌ A string, or cord, (IDrd, O, K,) or a plaited thong (عَرَقَةٌ), (IDrd, O,) which is tied to the transverse piece of wood upon the hump of the bull [in the TA of the camel, or, accord. to the T, of the bull,] when he [draws the plough that] turns over the ground for cultivation, or is used for the drawing of water [to irrigate land in the manner expl. voce سَانِيَةٌ], in order that the piece of wood may be firm. (IDrd, O, K.) غَبْقَانُ, applied to a man, and غَبْقَى [for which the CK has غَبْقَآءُ], applied to a woman, (O, K, TA,) epithets similar to صَبْحَانُ and صَبْحَى, (O,) irregularly formed, for فَعْلَانُ is not to be formed from اِفْتَعَلَ nor from تَفَعَّلَ, (TA,) Who has drunk an evening-draught, or what is termed a غَيُوق. (K.) غَبُوقٌ An evening-draught; i. e. a draught, drink, or potation, [and particularly of milk, but also applied to one of water, and of wine, &c.,] that is drunk in the evening, or the last, or latter, part of the day. (S, O, K. [See also صَبُوحٌ.]) See an ex. in a verse of Khuzaz Ibn-Lowdhán cited voce كَذَبَ. One of the Arabs said to a companion of his, إِنْ كُنْتَ كَاذِبًا فَشَرِبْتَ غَبُوقًا بَارِدًا [If thou be tying, then mayest thou drink a cold evening-draught]; meaning, may there not be milk for thee, so that thou shalt drink water not mixed with anything; this being called by him غبوق by way of comparison: or meaning, may that be to thee in the place of غبوق. (TA.) And one says, لَقَيتُهُ ذَا غَبُوقٍ [lit. I met him at a time of drinking the evening-draught], meaning, in the evening; a phrase used only adverbially; like ذَا صَبُوحٍ: (TA:) and ذَاتَ الغَبُوقِ [which has a similar meaning]. (T in art. ذُو.) b2: Also, and with ة, A she-camel whose milk one drinks in the evening: or, accord. to Lh, that is milked after sunset: epithets like صَبُوحٌ and صَبُوحَةٌ. (TA.) مُغْتَبَقٌ an inf. n. [of 8, q. v.]: and also a n. of place [signifying A place in which one drinks the draught termed غَيُوق]. (O, K.)
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