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1 غَثَّ, aor. غَثِّ; and غَثَّ, (originally غَثِثَ, TA) aor. غَثَّ; (S, O, K;) said of flesh-meat; (S, O;) and غَثَّت; said of a شَاة [i. e. sheep or goat]; (S, O, Msb;) inf. n. غَثَاثَةٌ and غُثُوثَةٌ, (S, O, K,) or غَثٌّ; (Msb;) and ↓ اغثّ, (K,) or اغثّت, (S, O,) or both; (TA;) It was, or became, lean, or meagre: (S, O, K:) or غَثَّت, said of a شاة, it was, or became, weak. (Msb.) b2: [Hence the saying,] غَثَّ الحَدِيثُ (tropical:) The talk, or discourse, was, or became, [meagre, or] bad, or corrupt; (S, A, O, K;) as also ↓ اغثّ. (S, K.) [See غَثٌّ.] b3: And لَا يَغِثُّ عَلَيْهِ شَئٌْ (assumed tropical:) [Nothing is bad in his opinion; so that] he does not say of anything that it is bad, and therefore leave it. (S, K.) And مَا يَغِثُّ عَلَيْهِ أَحَدٌ (assumed tropical:) [No one is to be disregarded in his opinion; so that] he does not leave any one unasked by him. (T, A, O, K.) And غَثَّتْ عَلَيْنَا مَكَّةُ فَلَا بُدَّ لَنَا مِنْ خُرُوجٍ (assumed tropical:) [Mekkeh has become unpleasing (as though insipid) to us, so that there is for us no avoiding going forth]. (A.) b4: And غَثَّ, (S, O, K,) aor. غَثِّ, inf. n. غَثٌّ and غَثِيثٌ, (S, O,) is said of a wound, meaning It flowed with thick purulent matter, as also ↓ اغثّ, (S, O, K,) and with dead flesh. (S and O in explanation of the former verb.) 2 غثّثت الإِبِلُ, (El-Umawee, O, TA,) inf. n. تَغْثِيثٌ, (El-Umawee, O, K,) The camels became fat (El-Umawee, O, K, TA) by little and little: (O, K, TA:) [or became somewhat fat; for] one says, غَثَّ بَعِيرِى ثُمَّ غَثَّثَ My camel became lean; then he became somewhat fat. (A, TA.) 4 أَغْثَ3َ see 1, in three places. b2: You say also, اغثّ فِى مَنْطِقِهِ (tropical:) He [was meagre in his diction; or] spoke badly, or corruptly. (S, TA.) And اغثّ فِى

كَلَامِهِ (assumed tropical:) He said that in which was no good. (A, Msb.) A2: And اغثّ اللَّحْمَ He bought the flesh-meat lean. (S, O.) 5 أَتَغَثَّثُ مَا أَنَا عَلَيْهِ حَتَّى أَتَسَمَّنَ means (assumed tropical:) I do what is of an inferior kind that I may find much; as also ↓ أَسْتَغِثُّهُ: (A, TA:) or أَتَغَثَّثُ حَتَّى أَسْتَسْمِنَ, meaning (assumed tropical:) I deem my doing to be little that I may obtain thereby much recompense. (O.) 8 اغتثّت الخَيْلُ (as also اغتفّت and اغتبّت, O) The horses found, or lighted upon, somewhat of the [herbage called] رَبِيع, (O, K, TA,) and became fat in consequence thereof after having been lean. (TA.) 10 استغثّ الجُرْحَ He extracted from the wound the thick purulent matter therein, (S, K,) and the dead flesh, and treated it curatively. (S.) A2: See also 5.

R. Q. 1 غَثْغَثَ, (O,) inf. n. غَثْغَثَةٌ, (K,) He remained, stayed, dwelt, or abode, (O, K,) in a place. (O.) A2: [And it seems to signify also He washed clothes without an implement of the kind called مِقْصَرَة (q. v.): for b2: ] غَثْغَثَةٌ signifies also (assumed tropical:) Weak fighting, without a weapon: (O, K:) likened to the غَثْغَثَة of the garment, or piece of cloth, [which is] when it is washed with the hands [app. meaning with the hands only]. (O.) غَثٌّ Lean, or meagre; (S, A, O, K;) as also ↓ غَثِيثٌ; (S, O, K;) both applied to flesh-meat; and the former, with ة, to a شَاة [i. e. sheep or goat]: (S, O:) pl. غِثَاثٌ. (MA.) b2: Hence, i. e. as being likened to flesh-meat thus termed, كَلَامٌ غَثٌّ (assumed tropical:) Speech, or language, that is [meagre,] without grace, or beauty. (Ham p. 757.) One says, فِى الكَلَامِ الغَثُّ وَالسَّمِينُ (assumed tropical:) [In speech, or the speech, is what is meagre and what is vigorous; or] what is good and what is bad [or rather what is bad and what is good]. (Msb.) And حَدِيثُكُمْ غَثٌّ وَسِلَاحُكُمْ رَثٌّ (assumed tropical:) [Your talk, or discourse, is meagre, or bad, and your weapons are old and worn out]. (A.) And قَوْمٌ غَثَثَةٌ (assumed tropical:) [A people, or party, meagre, or bad, in speech: غَثَثَةٌ being pl. of غَثٌّ, like as بَرَرَةٌ is of بَرٌّ]. (A. [The meaning that I have given is there indicated by the context.]) غُثَّةٌ A lean, or meagre, شَاة [i. e. sheep or goat]. (TA.) [See also غَثٌّ.]

A2: And A sufficiency of the means of subsistence: (O, K:) like غُفَّةٌ and غُبَّةٌ. (O.) الغَثِثُ and ↓ الغُثَاغِثُ The lion. (O, K.) غَثَاثٌ [if not a mistranscription for the inf. n. غَثَاثَةٌ] Leanness, or meagreness, of a camel [&c.]. (A, TA.) غَثِيثٌ: see غَثٌّ: A2: and see what here follows.

غَثِيثَةٌ, (S, O,) or ↓ غَثِيثٌ, (A, K,) The thick purulent matter, (S, A, O, K,) and dead flesh, (S, O,) of a wound. (S, A, O, K.) b2: and [hence, probably,] the former word, (assumed tropical:) A corrupt, or disordered, state of mind. (S, A, O, K.) So in the saying, لَبِسْتُهُ عَلَى غَثِيثَةٍ فِيهِ [meaning (assumed tropical:) I consorted with him (see لَبِسَ) notwithstanding a corrupt, or disordered, state of mind in him]. (S, O, L, TA. [In a copy of the A, لَسْتُ عَلَى غَثِيثَةٍ, meaning (assumed tropical:) I am not in a corrupt, or disordered, state of mind: but the former, I doubt not, is the right reading.]) A2: Also A palm-tree (نَخْلَةٌ) that produces ripe dates without sweetness. (O, K.) b2: And Foolish, or stupid, in whom is no good: (O, K:) or foolish, or stupid: and also one who speaks that in which is no good. (TA.) الغُثَاغِثُ: see الغَثِثُ.
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