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1 غُدَّ and غَدَّ, said of a camel: see 4.2 غُدِّدَ: see 4.

A2: غَدَّدَ, inf. n. تَغْدِيدٌ, He took his [غُدَّة, i. e.] lot, portion, or share. (K.) 4 أَغَدَّ (S, A, O, L, Msb, K) and أُغِدَّ, (O, L, K,) and ↓ غُدَّ, (Az, O, L, K,) this last heard by Az from the Arabs, (L,) [in the CK ↓ غَدَّ, but (though the phrase غُدَّتْ إِبِلُهُمْ occurs there afterwards) غُدَّ may be less correct than غَدَّ, for the part. n. of the former was disallowed by As,] and ↓ غُدِّدَ, (Az, O, K,) He (a camel) had the disease termed غُدَّة [q. v.]; (Az, S, O, L, Msb, K;) or had غُدَد [pl. of غُدَّةٌ] between the flesh and the skin. (L.) b2: Hence, (A,) أَغَدَّ signifies also (tropical:) He (a man, As, S, A, O) was, or became, angry, (As, S, O, L,) or swollen by reason of anger, as though he were a camel having the disease termed غُدَّة: (A:) and أَغَدَّ عَلَيْهِ he was angry with him; (K;) or he swelled against him and was angry with him. (L.) b3: And أَغَدَّ القَوْمُ The people, or party, had their camels affected with the disease termed غُدَّة. (S, O, L, K.) غَدٌ: see art. غدو.

غُدَّةٌ (IDrd, S, O, L, Msb, K) and ↓ غُدَدَةٌ (S, O, L, K) [A ganglion; i. e.] any hard lump in the tendinous parts; (L, K;) [a lump of] flesh arising from disease, between the skin and the flesh, which may be made to move about: (Msb:) and any small nodous lump (عُقْدَة) in the body (IDrd, O, L, K) of a man, (IDrd, O, L,) surrounded by fat: (IDrd, O, L, K:) pl. غُدَدٌ [properly pl. of غُدَّةٌ, and also a coll. gen. n. of which غُدَدَةٌ is the n. un.]: (S, O, L, Msb, K:) غُدَّةٌ [is applied in the present day to a ganglion: and a bubo: and a wen: and all these may be meant by its being said that it] also signifies a [swelling such as is termed] سِلْعَة, (L, K,) overspread by fat. (L.) b2: And غُدَّةٌ signifies likewise The plague, or pestilence, (طَاعُون,) in camels; (As, S, O, L, K;) as also ↓ غَدَدٌ: (K:) or the same in camels as the طاعون in man: (Msb:) it attacks them in the groins, and seldom do they recover from it: (L:) or it is only in the belly; (K, TA;) and when it extends to the camel's نَحْر [or part where he is stabbed, or stuck, when he is slaughtered], and to his groin, or arm-pit, the epithet دَابِرٌ [so in the TA, but in the O دَارِئٌ, which I believe to be the right reading,] is applied to him: so says IAar: (TA:) or it is also in the fat parts; (Lth, O, L;) and between the flesh and the skin. (L.) b3: and What is between the fat and the hump [of the camel]. (K.) A2: Another signification of غُدَّةٌ is A part, or portion, of property; (L, K;) as in the saying, عَلَيْهِ غُدَّةٌ مِنْ مَالٍ [He owes a part, or portion, of some property]: (L:) pl. غَدَائِدُ, (L, K,) and, in some of the copies of the K, غِدَادٌ. (TA.) And [these two pls.] غَدَائِدُ and غِدَادٌ signify also Lots, portions, or shares: (L, K:) thus, accord. to Fr, the former of them means in a verse of Lebeed cited and expl. voce عَدِيدَةٌ; but the reading better known is عَدَائِدُ: accord. to Az, غَدَائِدُ in this instance signifies redundances. (L.) غَدَدٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

غُدَدَةٌ: see غُدَّةٌ. b2: [The pl.] غَدَدَاتٌ is expl. by AHeyth as signifying Redundances of fatness: and redundances of goodly [fur, such as is termed]

وَبَر. (L.) غَادٌّ: see مُغِدٌّ, in two places.

مُغَدٌّ: see the paragraph here following.

مُغِدٌّ A camel having the disease termed غُدَّةٌ; (As, Az, S, O, L, K;) as also ↓ مُغَدٌّ (L) and ↓ مَغْدُودٌ, (Az, L, K,) or this is not said, (As, O, K,) but it was heard by Az from the Arabs, (O, L,) and ↓ مُغَدَّدٌ (Az, L) and ↓ غَادٌّ: (O, L, K:) مُغِدٌّ, without ة, is also applied to a she-camel: and its pl. is مَغَادُّ: (L:) the pl. of ↓ غَادٌّ is غِدَاذٌ. (O, L, K. *) b2: [Hence,] (tropical:) An angry man: (As, S, L:) or swollen by reason of anger, (A, L,) as though he were a camel having the disease termed غُدَّة. (A.) One says, رَأَيْتُ فُلَانًا مُغِدًّا and ↓ مُسْمَغِدًّا (tropical:) I saw such a one swollen with anger. (L.) مُغَدَّدٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مِغْدَادٌ (assumed tropical:) A man, (S, O, L, K,) and a woman, (O, L, K,) much, or often, in anger: (S, O, L, K:) or always angry: (O, K:) or angry in disposition or nature. (O, L.) مَغْدُودٌ: see مُغِدٌّ.

مُسْمَغِدٌّ: see مُغِدٌّ.
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