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Q. 1 غَرْبَلَهُ, (S, MA, O, K,) inf. n. غَرْبَلَةٌ, (TA,) He sifted it; (MA;) i. q. نَخَلَهُ; (K;) namely, flour, &c., (S, O,) or earth, or mould. (MA.) b2: And [hence, app.,] He dispersed it, or scattered it. (Sh, TA.) b3: And He cut it, or severed it; syn. قَطَعَهُ: (S, O, and so in the CK:) or he cut it in pieces; syn. قَطَّعَهُ. (So in several copies of the K and in the TA.) b4: And غربل القَوْمَ He slew, and crushed [lit. ground], the people, or company of men. (K.) Hence the saying, in a trad., كَيْفَ بِكُمْ إِذَا كُنْتُمْ فِى زَمَانٍ

يُغَرْبَلُ النَّاسُ فِيهِ (O, * TA) i. e. [How will it be with you when ye shall be in a time when men] shall be slain, and crushed? (TA:) or the meaning is, when the best of them shall be taken away and the worst of them shall remain; like as is done by the sifter of wheat? (O, TA:) or, in the opinion of Suh, as he says in the R, when they shall be searched to the utmost, and pursued one after another? agreeably with the saying of Mek-hool Ed-Dimashkee, دَخَلْتُ الشَّأْمَ فَغَرْبَلْتُهَا غَرْبَلَةً

حَتَّى لَمْ أَدَعْ عِلْمًا إِلَّا حَوَيْتُهُ [I entered Syria, and searched it to the utmost in such a manner that I left not a science but I acquired it]. (TA.) b5: And غُرْبِلَ القَتِيلُ The slain man became swollen, or inflated, and raised his legs. (TA.) غَرْبَالٌ [A sieve;] a certain thing well known; (S, O;) the thing with which one sifts: (K:) pl. غَرَابِيلُ. (O.) b2: And (O, K, TA) hence, as being likened thereto in respect of its circular shape, (TA,) A tambourine: (O, K, TA:) whence the trad., أَعْلِنُوا النِّكَاحَ وَاضْرِبُوا عَلَيْهِ بِالْغِرْبَالِ [Publish ye the marriage, and beat for it the tambourine]. (O, TA.) b3: And (tropical:) One who makes known what has been told him, in a malicious, or mischievous, manner, so as to occasion discord, or dissension. (K, TA.) غِرْبِيلٌ a word said to signify A sparrow: occurring in the saying, in a trad. of Ibn-EzZubeyr, أَتَيْتُمُونِى فَاتِحِى أَفْوَاهِكُمْ كَأَنَّكُمُ الغِرْبِيلُ [Ye came, or have come, to me opening your mouths as though ye were the sparrow]. (TA.) مُغَرْبَلٌ [Sifted. b2: And hence, app.,] Dispersed, or scattered. (TA.) b3: And The low, base, vile, or mean, (K, TA,) of men; as though he had come forth from the غِرْبَال [or sieve]. (TA.) b4: and Slain and swollen or inflated. (A'Obeyd, S, O, K.) b5: And مُلْكٌ مُغَرْبَلٌ Dominion passing away. (O, K.)
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