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1 غَرِدَ: see the next paragraph, in three places.2 غرّد, inf. n. تَغْرِيدٌ, It (a bird) sang, or warbled, or uttered its voice; as also ↓ غَرِدَ: (As, L:) it, or he, (a bird, S, A, K, and a man, S, as is implied in a verse there cited, and L,) prolonged its, or his, voice, and singing, and modulated it sweetly, or warbled; (Lth, S, A, Msb;) and so ↓ غَرِدَ, inf. n. غَرَدٌ; (S, L, Msb;) and ↓ تغرّد: (S:) or raised its, or his, voice, and prolonged it, modulating it sweetly, or warbling; (L, K;) as also ↓ غَرِدَ, aor. غَرَدَ; and so ↓ تغرّد, and ↓ اغرد: (K:) and it (a pigeon) cooed: it (the [bird called] مُكَّآء) whistled: it (the cock) crowed: it (the fly) buzzed, or hummed: he (the ass) uttered a hoarse, or rough, sound; as also ↓ تغرّد. (L.) غرّد is trans. as well as intrans.; or it may be rendered as though trans. by the suppression of the preposition [لِ]. (L.) 4 أَغْرَدَ see 2.

A2: أَغْرَدَنِى, said of a turtle-dove, means It gladdened me by its cooing. (ElHejeree, L.) 5 تَغَرَّدَ see 2, in three places.10 استغرد الرَّوْضُ الذُّبَابَ The meadows, or gardens, by their luxuriance (نَعْمَة, as in the L and in some copies of the K, in other copies of the K نَغْمَة, TA), excited the flies to buzz, or hum. (L, K.) Q. Q. 3 اِغْرَنْدَاهُ, (K,) and اِغْرَنْدَى عَلَيْهِ, (AZ, S, K,) inf. n. اِغْرِنْدَآءٌ, (AZ, S,) He overcame him; (A'Obeyd, K;) he set upon him, or assailed him, or overcame him, with reviling and beating and violence; (AZ, A'Obeyd, S, K;) like اِغْلَنْتَى (AZ, A'Obeyd, S,) and اِسْرَنْدَى. (TA. [See the last of these verbs, in art. سرد, and the verse there cited.]) غَرْدٌ: see غِرْدٌ.

A2: Also A [booth of reeds, or canes, &c., such as is called] خُصّ, (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) غِرْدٌ: see غَرِدٌ.

A2: Also, (Ks, AHn, S, K,) and ↓ غِرْدَةٌ, (AHn, K,) or غِرْدٌ and غِرْدَةٌ are like تِبْنٌ and تِبْنَةٌ [the former a coll. gen. n. and the latter its n. un.], (S,) and ↓ غَرْدٌ (Fr, AHn, S, K) and ↓ غَرْدَةٌ, (AHn, K,) or غَرْدٌ and غَرْدَةٌ are like تَمْرٌ and تَمْرَةٌ [the former a coll. gen. n. and the latter its n. un.], (S,) and ↓ غَرَدٌ (K) and ↓ غَرَدَةٌ, (AHn, L,) [or this last is the n. un. of that next preceding it, which is a coll. gen. n.,] and ↓ غَرَادٌ (AA, K) and ↓ غَرَادَةٌ, (AHn, K,) or this last is the n. un. of that next preceding it, [which is a coll. gen. n.,] (AA, L,) and ↓ مُغْرُودٌ, (Fr, AHeyth, K,) with damm, (K,) of the measure مُفْعُولٌ, which is a measure very rare, (Fr, AHeyth, TA,) or this is ↓ مَغْرُودٌ, (L, and thus in my copies of the S,) with fet-h to the م, accord. to As, (L,) A species of كَمْأَة [or truffles]: (Ks, AHn, S, K:) or small كمأة: or bad كمأة: (AHn, L:) pl. (of غِرْدٌ, S, or of غَرْدٌ, Fr, S) غِرَدَةٌ, (Fr, S, K,) like as قِرَدَةٌ is of قِرْدٌ, (S,) or جِبَأَةٌ of جَبْءٌ, (Fr, S,) [or, accord. to some, this is a quasi-pl. n., (see جَبْءٌ,)] and (of both of these, S) غِرَادٌ, (S, K,) like as ذِئَابٌ is pl. of ذِئْبٌ, and كِلَابٌ of كَلْبٌ, (S,) and (of مَغْرُودٌ [or مُغْرُودٌ], S) مَغَارِيدُ. (S, K.) غَرَدٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

غَرِدٌ (Lth, As, S, L, Msb, K) and ↓ غِرْدٌ, (M, L, K,) which is thought by ISd to be a contraction of the former, (L,) and ↓ مُغَرِّدٌ (L, K) and ↓ غَرِيدٌ, (L, TA,) or ↓ غِرْيَدٌ, (TA,) and ↓ غِرِّيدٌ [which has an intensive signification], applied to a bird, (As, S, A, K,) and to a man, (L,) Singing, warbling, or uttering the voice: (As, L:) or prolonging the voice, and the singing, and modulating it sweetly, or warbling: (Lth, S, L, Msb:) or raising the voice, and prolonging it, modulating it sweetly, or warbling. (L, K.) [See also 2.]

غَرْدَةٌ and غِرْدَةٌ and غَرَدَةٌ: see غِرْدٌ.

غَرَادٌ and غَرَادَةٌ: see غِرْدٌ.

غَرِيدٌ, or غِرْيَدٌ: see غَرِدٌ.

غَرَّادٌ an appellation applied by the people of El-'Irák to A maker of [the booths called] أَخْصَاص [pl. of خُصٌّ, with which غَرْدٌ is syn.], and of [the fabrics of reeds, or canes, called] حَرَادِىّ [pl. of حُرْدِىٌّ or حُرْدِيَّةٌ]. (O.) غِرِّيدٌ: see غَرِدٌ.

اغرود and اغرودة [i. e. أُغْرُودٌ and أُغْرُودَةٌ, in measure like أُسْلُوبٌ and أُحْدُوثَةٌ,] A song or a singing [or a warbling, of a bird, &c.]: pl. أَغَارِيدُ. (Har p. 445.) One says طَائِرٌ مُسْتَمْلَحُ الأَغَارِيدِ [A bird whose songs, or warblings, are esteemed sweet]. (A.) مُغَرِّدٌ: see غَرِدٌ.

مُغْرَنْدٍ act. part. n. of Q. Q. 3 [q. v.]. (S.) مَغْرُودٌ and مُغْرُودٌ: see غِرْدٌ.

أَرْضٌ مَغْرُودَآءُ Land abounding with [the species of truffles called] غِرْد: (K:) or having in it مَغَارِيد [pl. of مَُغْرُودٌ]. (O.) رَوْضٌ مُسْتَغْرِدٌ Luxuriant meadows or gardens [that excite the flies to buzz, or hum: see 10]. (TA.)
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