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غَرْنَقَةٌ An amorous playing with the eyes. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) غِرْنَاقٌ: see غُرْنَيْقٌ, last sentence.

غُرْنُوقٌ is held by the author of the K to be wrongly mentioned by J in art. غرق, on the ground of the saying that the ن is radical; and IJ says that Sb has mentioned غُرْنَيْقٌ among quadriliteral-radical words: but there is a difference of opinion on this point; for AHei asserts that the ن in غُرْنُوقٌ and in all its dial. vars. is augmentative. (TA.) b2: See غُرْنَيْقٌ, in two places. b3: Also sing. of غَرَانِقُ, which signifies (assumed tropical:) Certain trees: (Aboo-Ziyád, O, K:) or, as also ↓ غُرَانِقٌ, sing. of غَرَانِيقُ, which signifies the tender sprouts at the root, or lower part, of the عَوْسَج [or box-thorn]: (AA, O, K:) likened to a tender youth, because of their freshness and beauty: (TA:) or غُرْنُوقٌ signifies a tender and concealed plant; (K, TA;) or, accord. to one copy [of the K], a tender, spreading plant: mentioned by AHn. (TA.) b4: And (assumed tropical:) A lock of hair much twisted: (Lth, O, K:) or, accord. to IAar, a forelock: so in the phrase جَذَبَ غُرْنُوقَهُ [He pulled his forelock]: and نُغْرُوقٌ signifies the “ hair of the back of the neck. ” (O, TA.) غِرْنَوْقٌ: see the next paragraph, in two places.

غُرْنَيْقٌ (S, K) and ↓ غُرْنُوقٌ and ↓ غِرْنَوْقٌ (O, K) A certain aquatic bird, (S, O, K, TA,) long in the neck (S, O, TA) and in the legs, (TA,) white, (O, K, TA,) or black: (K, TA:) [app. the white stork, ardea ciconia; or, accord. to some, the black stork, ardea nigra:] or, accord. to IAmb, the males [or male] thereof: (TA:) or the first, (O, K,) as also the second, (K,) signifies the كُرْكِىّ [or Numidean crane, ardea virgo]: (As, O, K, TA:) or a certain bird resembling this: (ISk, O, K, TA:) pl. غَرَانِيقُ. (O, TA.) It is related of the Prophet that [when he was reciting the words of the Kur (liii. 19 and 20), “Have ye considered El-Lát, and El-'Ozzà, and Menáh, the other third? ”] the Devil put into his mouth the saying تِلْكَ الغَرَانِيقُ العُلَى [Those are the most high غرانيق, as though meaning cranes, for the Numidian crane is remarkable in the East for its superlatively-high flight]; referring, as IAar says, to the idols, which were asserted to be intercessors with God, wherefore they are likened to the birds that rise high into the sky: (O, TA: *) or غرانيق may in this case be a pl. of one of the sings. expl. in what here follows [but applied to females]. (O.) b2: غُرْنَيْقٌ (O, K, TA, and so in copies of the S) and ↓ غِرْنَيْقٌ (IJ, TA, and so in some copies of the S in the place of the former) and ↓ غُرْنُوقٌ and ↓ غِرْنَوْقٌ (S, O, K, TA) and ↓ غِرْنِيقٌ (K) and ↓ غِرْنَاقٌ and ↓ غَرَوْنَقٌ (O, K) and ↓ غُرَانِقٌ (S, K) signify (assumed tropical:) A tender youth; (S;) or a white, or fair, and comely, or beautiful, youth; (O, K;) or a youth white, or fair, tender, having beautiful hair, and comely: (TA:) pl. غَرَانِيقُ and غَرَانِقَةٌ (S, O, K) and غَرَانِقُ, (S, K,) which last may be pl. of غُرَانِقٌ, agreeably with analogy, (IAmb, TA,) or it may be a contraction of غَرَانِيقُ, as such used by a poet. (TA.) غِرْنَيْقٌ and غِرْنِيْقٌ: see the next preceding sentence.

غُرَانِقٌ, applied to a youth, (K, TA,) and to youthfulness, (TA, and so in the CK instead of a youth,) Perfect, or without defect. (K, TA.) And, applied to a woman, as also غُرَانِقَةٌ, Youthful and plump. (K.) b2: See also غُرْنَيْقٌ, last sentence. b3: لِمَّةٌ غُرَانِقَةٌ and ↓ غُرَانِقِيَّةٌ [Hair descending below the lobe of the ear, or descending upon the shoulders,] sleek, such as the wind puts in motion. (Sh, O, K.) b4: See also غُرْنُوقٌ.

غَرَوْنَقٌ: see غُرْنَيْقٌ, last sentence.

لِمَّةٌ غُرَانِقِيَّةٌ: see غُرَانِقٌ.
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