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1 غَضَنَهُ, (S, K,) aor. غَضِنَ and غَضُنَ, (K,) inf. n. غَضْنٌ, (S,) He, or it, (a man, and a thing, S,) withheld, restrained, hindered, or diverted, him. (S, K.) One says, مَا غَضَنَكَ عَنَّا What withheld, hindered, or diverted, or has withheld, &c., thee from us? (S.) In the “ Nawádir ” of IAar, this verb, which is correctly thus, with ض, is erroneously with ص. (TA.) A2: غَضَنَتْ بِوَلَدِهَا, and ↓ غَضّنت, She (a camel) cast her young one, or fœtus, in an imperfect state, (K, TA.) before the hair had grown upon it and its make had become [perfectly apparent. (TA. [See also خَدَجَتْ.]) [This is what is meant in the S where, after the mention of a signification of ↓ التَّغْضِين which will be found below, it is said that this word signifies also الرِّجَاعُ (??) رَجَعَتْ, q. v.): hence, app., (though referring to the K as his authority,) Freytag has given to غضّنت, as said of a she-camel, besides the signification mentioned above, another, which is also assigned to رَجَعَتْ; (??) she falsely indicated her bring pregnant, by raising (??) &c.]

A3: See also 5, in form places: A4: and see 4 2 غَضَّنْتُهُ, inf. n. تَغْضِينٌ, I wrinkled, shrivelled, or puckered, it syn. of the inf. n. تَشْنِيجٌ. (S.) One says. دَخَلْتُ عَلَيْهِ فَغَضَّنَ لِى مِنْ جَبْهَتِه [I went in to him and be wrinkled to me a portion of his (??)] (TA) b2: See also 5 A2: and see 1 in two places A3: and 4 3 المَغَاضَنَةُ signifies مُكَاسَرَةُ العَيْنيْنِ [The contracting of the (??) as to wrinkle the lids], (S, K, TA,) by reason of (??), or suspicion. (TA.) One says, غَاضَنَ المَرْأَةَ, meaning غَازَلَهَا بِمُكَاسَرَةِ العَيْنَيْنِ [i. e. He talked, or act, with the woman, in an amatory and enticing manner, with the contracting of the (??) so as to wrinkle the lids] (A. TA.) 4 اغضنت السَّمَآءُ The sky rained continually; (S, TA;) as also غضنت [perhaps ↓ غَضَنَت, but more probably, I think, ↓ غَضَّنَت] (TA.) and غضنت السَّحَابَةُ [The (??) continually]. (S and TA in explanation of رَيَّمَت.) b2: and اغضن عَلَيْهِ الحُمَّى The fever continued upon him persistently. (IAar, TA.) b3: اغضن عَلَيْهِ اللَّيْلُ The night became dark upon him. (TA.) 5 تغضّن It was, or became, wrinkled, shrivelled, or puckered; syn. تَشَنَّجَ; (S, MA, TA;) as also ↓ غَضِنَ, inf. n. غَضَنٌ [and app. غُضُونٌ, like قُبُولٌ as an inf. n. of قَبِلَ. though this requires consideration, as will be shown by what follows]. said of the face as having this signification, or as signifying it was, or became, wrinkled and speckled; (MA;) [and so, perhaps, ↓ غضّن, for]

التغضين [if not a mistranscription for التَّغَضُّنُ], as also ↓ الغُضُونُ, is syn. with التَّشَنُّجُ; and one says فِى جَبْهَتِهِ ↓ رَجُلٌ ذُو غُضُونٍ meaning تَكَسُّرٍ

[i. e. a man having a wrinkling in his forehead; but غُضُون may be here used as pl. of غَضْنٌ, and thus meaning wrinkles]: and ↓ غَضَنٌ signifies a bending (تَثَنٍّ and تَلَوٍّ) of a branch or twig or the like. (TA.) One says also, تَغَضَّنَتِ الدِّرْعُ عَلَى

لَابِسِهَا The coat of mail became folded, [or it hung, or sat, with folds,] upon its wearer. (TA.) غَضْنٌ and ↓ غَضَنٌ A wrinkle, crease, fold, ply, plait. or pucker, (S, Mgh, Msb, K,) of the skin, (S, Mgh, Msb,) and of anything, (Msb,) or in a garment, and in a skin, (K,) and in a coat of mail, (S, K,) &c. (S:) pl. غُضُونٌ, S Mgh, Msb, K,) occurring in a verse cited in art. شأب (TA.) b2: [Hence,] one says, كَانَ ذٰلِكَ فِى غُضُونِ كَذَا [lit. That was within the folds, meaning in the midst, of such a thing, or such an affair or event]; like فِى أَثْنَآءِ كذا (TA in art. ثنى b3: غُضُونُ الأُذُنِ means The places of fold the case; syn. مَثَانِيهَا. K, TA. in the CK [erroneously] ??.) A2: Also (i. p. ?? and ↓ ??.

TA) Difficulty, distress, or trouble, and (??) or weariness. (K, TA.) The Arabs say (??) man, in threatening him, لَأُطِيلَنَّ غَضْنَكَ or ↓ غَضَنَكَ i. e. [I will assuredly make] thy (??) &c., [to be long (AZ, A, TA)]

غَضَنٌ an inf. n. of غَضِنُ. (MA [See 5, in two places.]) b2: See also غَضْنٌ, in three places, b3: غَضَنُ العَيْنِ signifies The exterior, or apparent جِلْدَة [app. meaning tunic i. e. the (??)] of the eye. (S, TA.) غَضْنَهٌ [A patch of the smallpox] One says of a person whose skin has became covered, or wholly covered, (أُلْبِسَ,) with the smallpox, أُصْبَحَ جِلْدُهُ غَضْنَةً وَاحِدَةً [His skin has became (??) patch of the smallpox]: and some say غَضْبَة (S,) غِضَانٌ the subst from the verb in the phrase غَضَنَتْ بِوَلَدِهَا [i. e. a subst. signifying The (??) denoted by that phrase. q. v.] (K) غَضِينٌ A she-camel's young one or fœtus, cast in an imperfect state, before the hair has (??) upon it and its make has become [perfectly] apparent. (TA.) أَغْضَنُ Contracting his eye so as to wrinkle the lids, naturally, or by reason of enmity, or (??) pride. (K.)
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