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1 غَطَشَ, aor. غَطِشَ, (A, K,) inf. n. غَطْشٌ, (TK,) [or perhaps غَطَشٌ, q. v.,] It (the night) became dark; (A, K;) as also ↓ أَغْطَشَ: (S, K:) or غَطَشٌ is syn. with سَدَفٌ; and hence اللَّيْلُ ↓ اغطش [app. meaning the night became dark, or black]. (As, A, TA.) [See غَطَشٌ, below.]

A2: غَطِشَ, (S, TA.) [aor. غَطَشَ,] inf. n. غَطَشٌ, (TA,) He had an affection resembling weakness of the sight, with a shedding of tears at most times. (S, TA.) And غَطِشَ البَصَرُ [The eye, or sight, became weak, and affected with a shedding of tears at most times] and so ↓ اغطاشّ, like احمارّ [in measure] (TA and عَيْنُهُ ↓ تغطّشت His eye became dark, or dim, (IDrd, K,) and weak-sighted. (IDrd.) 4 اغطش: see 1, in two places. b2: اغطشوا They entered into, or upon, the darkness [of night]. (TA.) A2: اغطش اللّٰهُ اللَّيْلَ God made the night dark, (Fr. S, A, * K) 5 تَغَطَّشَ see 1. last sentence.6 تغاطش عَنْهُ He feigned himself negligent, or heedless, of it; (Aboo-Sa'eed Ed-Dareer, K;) namely, a thing, or an affair; as also تغاطس; (Aboo-Sa'eed;) and [app. in like manner] تغاطشهُ: (IAar, TA in art. عمش:) or he feigned himself blind to it; either in the eyes or intellectually; syn. تعامى. (TA.) You say also, مَرَرْتُ بِهِ فَتَغَاطَشَ [I passed by him and he feigned himself heedless, or blind]. (A.) 11 إِغْطَاْشَّ see 1, last sentence.

غَطَشٌ i. q. سَدَفٌ [app. meaning The darkness, or blackness, of night]: (As, A, TA:) Aboo-Turáb, (L,) or AZ, (TA,) makes it to be after the غَبَش: (L, TA:) and ↓ غُطَاشٌ also signifies the darkness and confusedness of night. (TA.) b2: Also Weakness of sight, with a shedding of tears at most times: (K:) or an affection resembling this. (S, TA.) غَطِشٌ: see أَغْطَشُ, in two places.

فَلَاةٌ غَطْشَى, (As, A 'Obeyd, Kr, S, A,) or غَطْشَآءُ, (O, K,) if from غَطَشَ اللَّيْلُ. originally [and properly] like عَمْيَآءُ, but by poetic license it is made perfectly decl., [with tenween,] but if غَطْشَانُ occurred, as meaning “ dark,” it would be a fem., written [غَطْشَى,] with ى (O, TA,) or both forms, without and with medd, (TA,) A desert, or waterless desert, that is dark: (Kr:) or of which the ways through it are obscure; (As, A 'Obeyd,. A, TA;) where one cannot find the right way. (As, A 'Obeyd, S, K, TA.) You say, رَكِبْنَا فَلَاةً غَطْشَى وَنَحْنُ كَرِمَالِهَا عَطْشَى [We travelled upon a desert, or waterless desert, of which the ways through it were obscure, and we were like its sands thirsty]. (A.) غُطَاشٌ: see غَطَشٌ.

غَاطِشٌ: see what next follows.

أَغْطَشُ Dark; applied to night; as also ↓ غَاطِشٌ and ↓ غَطِشٌ: [fem. غَطْشَآءُ: see غَطْشَى:] and ↓ تَغْطِيشٌ, an inf. n. [of غَطَّشَ] used as an epithet, signifies the same, applied to sight. (TA.) b2: Also A man having the affection of the eyes termed غَطَشٌ; (S, TA;) as also ↓ غَطِشٌ: (TA:) fem. of the former غَطْشَآءُ. (S, TA.) تَغْطِيشٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مُتَغَاطِشٌ Feigning blindness to a thing. (S.) [See 6.]
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