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1 غَلَثَ, aor. غَلِثَ, inf. n. غَلْثٌ, (S, O, Msb,) which is like عَلْثٌ in its meanings, (K, TA,) for the most part, (TA,) He mixed one thing with another; as wheat with barley. (S, O, Msb.) A2: غَلَثَ السِّقَآءَ: see عَلَثَ, with the unpointed ع.

A3: غَلِثَ, [aor. غَلَثَ,] (S,) inf. n. غَلَثٌ, (S, K,) [like عَلِثَ,] He fought vehemently. (S, K.) and غَلِثَ بِهِ He kept, or clave, to him, fighting him. (S, O.) [And perhaps, as may be inferred from an explanation of مُغَالِثٌ, one says in like manner ↓ غَالَثَهُ, or غالث بِهِ; to which latter, Golius assigns a meaning similar to this, or to that which here next follows, as on the authority of J; but I do not find it in the S.] And غَلِثَ الذِّئْبُ بِالغَنَمِ [like عَلِثَ] The wolf kept to the sheep, or goats, seizing them, and breaking their necks. (S, O.) A4: And غَلِثَ, aor. غَلِثَ, (K,) inf. n. غَلَثٌ, (TA,) said of a زَنْد, It failed to produce fire; as also ↓ اغتلث. (K.) [See also 1 in art. علث.]

A5: and غَلِثَ said of a bird, It vomited from its crop something which it had swallowed. (O, TA.) 2 إِنِّى لَأَجِدُ فِى نَفْسِى تَغْلِيثًا means Verily I find, or experience, in myself, disorder, or disturbance. (O.) [See also مُغَلِّثٌ: and see 2 in art. علث.]3 غَاْلَثَ see the first paragraph above.5 فُلَانٌ يَتَغَلَّثُ بِى Such a one devotes himself to me, or clings to me with devotion. (L.) [See also تعلّث, with ع.]8 إِغْتَلَثَ see 1.

A2: اغتلث زَنْدًا He chose a زند from a tree without knowing whether it would produce fire or not; (TA;) i. q. اعتلثهُ [q. v.]. (K, TA.) And فُلَانٌ يَغْتَلِثُ الزِّنَادَ signifies the same as يَعْتَلِثُهَا expl. in art. علث. (TA in that art.) A3: اغتلث ↓ القَوْمَ غُلْثَةً He told the people, or party, a lie, or falsehood, whereby he effected his escape, or safety. (TA.) Q. Q. 3 اِغْلَنْثَى عَلَيْهِمْ [like اِغْلَنْتَى] He set upon them, or assailed them, or overcame them, with beating and reviling (O, K) and violence. (O.) [See اِسْرَنْدَى.]

غَلْثُ الحُلْمِ A thing that one sees in sleep, that is not a true dream. (TA.) غَلَثٌ What is mixed: as wheat mixed with barley. (Msb.) [In the present day, it is used as signifying What is mixed with wheat &c., of those things that are taken forth and thrown away; like عَلَثٌ. See also غَلِيثٌ.] b2: [And its pl.] أَغْلَاثٌ is mentioned by Aboo-Ziyád El-Kilá- bee as a term applied to Several sorts of plants, (O, TA,) not بَقْل nor حَمْض nor عِضَاه, (O,) among which are the عِكْرِش and حَلْفَآء and حَاج and يَنْبُوت and لَصَف and عِشْرِق and سَنَا and أَسَل and بَرْدِىّ and حَنْظَل and تَنُّوم and خِرْوَع (O, TA) &c. (O.) [See also عَلَثٌ.]

غَلِثٌ and ↓ مُغَالِثٌ (S, O, K, TA) and ↓ غَالِثٌ (TA) A man who fights vehemently, (S, O, K, TA,) cleaving to him whom he pursues [for bloodrevenge or the like: see عَلِثٌ]. (TA.) b2: And the first, Possessed, or insane. (O, K.) b3: And One in whom is an odour arising from food and wine or beverage, and an inclining of the body from side to side, and a languor, or languidness, from drowsiness. (O, K.) غُلْثَةٌ: see 8.

غَلْثَى A certain bitter tree, (K, TA,) with which one tans; mentioned by Kr: (TA:) or, accord. to Az, a certain tree, the fruit of which, if given to beasts of prey, or to vultures, kills them. (O.) b2: See also the next paragraph.

غَلِيثٌ and ↓ مَغْلُوثٌ Mixed. (S, O.) Wheat (S, O, K) mixed, (S, O,) or adulterated, (K,) with barley; (S, O, K;) as also عَلِيثٌ. (AZ, TA in art. علث.) b2: Also, the first, (Msb,) and second, (S, O, Msb,) Wheat mixed with pieces of dry clay and with [the weed called] زُؤَان [q. v.]. (S, O, Msb.) b3: And the first, [as also عَلِيثٌ,] Bread made of barley and wheat. (S, O.) b4: And Food having poison mixed with it, by which vultures are killed; (O, K, TA;) as also ↓ غَلْثَى, (O and TA in art. علث,) and عَلْثَى; (TA in that art.;) and so لَغِيثٌ. (O.) غَالِثٌ: see غَلِثٌ.

مُغَلِّثٌ A moderate pain, that does not cause the patient to lie on his side, and of which the source is not known. (L.) [See also 2 in this art. and in art. علث.]

مَغْلُوثٌ: see غَلِيثٌ. b2: Also A [skin such as is termed] سِقَآء tanned with dried dates (تَمْر), or with [unripe dates in the state in which they are termed] بُسْر. (ISk, S, K.) [But see عَلَثَ السِّقَآءَ, in art. علث.]

مُغَالِثٌ: see غَلِثٌ.
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