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1 غَمَدَهُ, aor. غَمِدَ and غَمُدَ, inf. n. غُمْدٌ; and ↓ اغمدهُ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. إِغْمَادٌ; (Msb;) mentioned by AO, (S,) or by A'Obeyd, (L, TA,) as two chaste forms; (S, L, TA;) He put it (i. e. a sword, S, Msb, K, or the like, Msb) into its غِمْد [i. e. scabbard, or sheath; he sheathed it]: (S, Msb, K:) or he made for it, or furnished it with, a غِمْد. (Msb.) b2: Hence, غَمَدَهُ بِكَذَا (tropical:) He covered him, or it, with such a thing; as though he made the latter a غِمْد to the former. (A.) b3: See also 5, in two places.

A2: غَمَدَ, inf. n. غُمُودٌ, said of a tree of the species called عُرْفُط, (assumed tropical:) It had its branches abounding with leaves so that one could not see its thorns; (L, K;) as though they were sheathed. (L.) b2: غَمَدَتِ الرَّكِيَّةُ, (L, K,) aor. غَمُدَ, inf. n. غُمُودٌ, (L,) (tropical:) The well lost its water. (L, K.) b3: And غَمِدَت, (L, K,) aor. غَمَدَ, (K,) inf. n. غَمَدٌ, (L,) (tropical:) It (a well) had much water: (As, L, K:) or it had little water. (AO, L, K.) 2 غَمَّدَ see 5, in two places.4 أَغْمَدَ see 1. b2: [Hence,] اغمد الأَشْيَآءَ (tropical:) He put the things one within another. (K.) b3: And اغمد الحِلْسَ (tropical:) He put the [cloth called] حِلْس beneath the camel's saddle, to preserve the animal's back from being galled by the saddle. (Akh, A, * L.) 5 تغمّد الثَّوْبَ (tropical:) He put the garment, or piece of cloth, beneath him, to conceal it from the eyes of others. (A.) b2: And تغمّدالرَّجُلَ, (JK, L,) and ↓ غمّدهُ, (L,) (assumed tropical:) He took the man beneath him (تَحْتَهُ, thus in the JK, in the L بِخَتْلٍ [by deceit, or guile]), to cover him over, or conceal him. (JK, L.) b3: And تغمّد فُلَانًا, (S, L, K,) and ↓ غمّدهُ, (K,) (tropical:) He concealed, as with a veil, what had proceeded from such a one, or what such a one had done. (S, L, K.) b4: And تغمّدهُ اللّٰهُ بِرَحْمَتِهِ, (S, A, L, Msb, K,) and بِهَا ↓ غَمَدَهُ and فِيهَا ↓ غَمَدَهُ, (L,) (tropical:) God covered him with his mercy, (A'Obeyd, S, A, L, Msb, K,) as with a veil; veiled him therewith; (A'Obeyd, A, L, Msb;) clad him, or invested him, therewith. (A'Obeyd, L.) b5: تغمّد الأَعْدَآءَ (assumed tropical:) He threw himself upon the enemies; or came upon them, or over them; and overwhelmed them. (L.) b6: And تغمّدهُ (tropical:) He filled it, (A, K,) namely, a measure of capacity, (A,) or a vessel. (K.) 8 اغتمد اللَّيْلَ (tropical:) He (a man, S, L) entered into [the darkness of] the night; (S, A, L, K;) as though it became as a غِمْد to him; like as one says اِدَّرَعَ اللَّيْلَ: (S, L:) and simply اغتمد he ventured upon, encountered, or braved, the night, (رَكِبَهُ,) to seek food for his family. (S, L.) 10 اِسْتَغْمَدَتِ السَّمَآءُ فِى السَّحَابِ الكَثِيرِ (assumed tropical:) [The sky became obscured amid the many clouds]. (TA in art. طنفس.) غِمْدٌ (S, L, Msb, K, &c.) and ↓ غُمُدَّانٌ, (L, K,) but the latter is not of established authority, (IDrd,) of a sword, (S, L, Msb, K,) and the like, (Msb,) The scabbard, or sheath; [this is well known to be the correct meaning; it is shown to be so in the S, voce قِرَابٌ; and is the meaning obtaining in the present day;] syn. غِلَافٌ, (S, O,) or جَفْنٌ: (L, K:) [both of these words have the signification mentioned above; but not that only; for غلاف has a wider application; and it is said in the S, voce قِرَابٌ, that the جفن of a sword is a case, or receptacle, in which is (put) the sword together with its غِمْد and suspensory belt or cord:] the pl. is أَغْمَادٌ [a pl. of pauc.] (O, Msb, K) and غُمْدَانٌ, (O,) or غُمُودٌ. (K.) غُمُدَّانٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

رَكِىٌّ غَامِدٌ, a phrase like عِيشَةٌ رَاضِيَةٌ, [غَامِدٌ meaning مَغْمُودٌ,] (tropical:) Wells having their water covered by earth, or dust; contr. of رَكِىٌّ مُبْدٍ. (A.) And غَامِدَةٌ (tropical:) A well (بِئْرٌ) filled up, or choked up, with earth, or dust. (K, TA.) b2: And غَامِدَةٌ and غَامِدٌ (assumed tropical:) A ship (سَفِينَةٌ) filled, or laden; (K, TA;) as also آمِدَةٌ (TA) and آمِدٌ. (K, TA.) مُغْمَدٌ: see what here follows.

مَغْمُودٌ and ↓ مُغْمَدٌ A sword [or the like] put into its غِمْد [meaning scabbard, or sheath; i. e. sheathed]. (S, A.)
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