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Q. Q. 2 if belonging to this art., or R. Q. 2 if belonging to art. غو. تَغَاغَى عَلَيْهِ الغَوْغَآءُ [as though originally تَغَوْغى] i. q. رَكِبُوهُ [i. e. The mixed multitude, or the low, base, vile, &c., of men, bore, or pressed, or crowded, (as though mounting,) upon him]. (TA in art. غو.) غَاغٌ The حَبَق [q. v.], (IDrd, K, TA,) a species of sweet-smelling plants, (TA,) i. e. the فُوذَنْج, (IDrd, K, TA,) an arabicized word from [the Pers. پُودِينَهْ: (TA:) [accord. to the TK, the plant called in Turkish يارپوز, which is marjoram:] ↓ غَاغَةٌ [the n. un.] is said by Lth to mean a certain plant resembling the هَرْنَوَى [a word of which both the orthography and the application are disputed]. (TA.) غَاغَةٌ: see what here precedes: A2: and see also the paragraph here following.

غَوْغَآء [i. e. غَوْغَآءٌ and غَوْغَآءُ, as will be shown by what follows; mentioned in this art. in the Msb and K; and in the S, and again in the K and TA, in art. غو;] masc. and fem., [being] perfectly and imperfectly decl., (S and TA in art. غو,) in the former case like قَمْقَامٌ, the ء being substituted for ,, and in the latter case like عَوْرَآءُ, (S,) Locusts after the growth of their wings, (AO, T, Msb, K,) i. e. (AO, T, Msb) after the state in which they are called دَبًا or دَبًى; (AO, T, S, Msb;) before which earlier state they are called سِرْوَة [or rather سَِرْء]: (A'Obeyd, T, Msb: [see also جَرَادٌ:] or locusts when they become light, or active, so as to fly; thus accord. to AO, and IAth says the like thereof: (TA:) or locusts when they have wings, and almost fly, before they raise themselves and fly; thus says As: (S:) or locusts, when they have become divested of the [changing] colours, and are becoming in a state of transition to redness. (As, K, TA.) b2: And A sort of insects resembling بَعُوض [or gnats], that do not bite, (AO, S, Msb, K,) nor hurt, (AO, S, Msb,) by reason of their weakness. (AO, S, K.) b3: And, (S, Msb, K,) accord. to As, (S,) or AO, (Msb,) as being likened to the locusts thus termed, (S, Msb,) applied to men, (S, Msb, K,) meaning (tropical:) A mixed multitude of men; as also ↓ غَاغَةٌ: (S and K in art. غو:) or the سَفِلَة [i. e. low, base, vile, ignoble, mean, or sordid; or lowest or lower, basest or baser, &c.;] of men; and such as haste to do evil: and it may be from the signification here following, because of the muchness of their clamour, or confused noise, and vociferation. (TA.) b4: [Like غَوْغَا in Pers., and probably from this latter, if the converse be not the case,] it signifies also Clamour, and a confusion of cries or shouts or noises. (TA.)
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