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1 غَاثَ اللّٰهُ البِلَادَ, (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. يَغِيثُ, inf. n. غَيْثٌ, (S, O, Msb,) God watered the country, or countries, with rain. (O, Msb, TA.) and غَاثَنَا He (God) sent down rain upon us. (TA.) And غاث الغَيْثُ الأَرْضَ, (aor. and inf. n. as above, Msb,) The rain fell upon the earth. (S, O, Msb, K.) And غِيثَتِ الأَرْضُ, aor. تُغَاثُ, (S, O, Msb, K,) inf. n. as above, (S, O,) The land was watered with rain. (S, O, Msb, K.) غِيثَ القَوْمُ The people were rained upon; rain fell upon the people [or upon their land]. (TA.) And غِثَنْا مَا شِئْنَا [We were rained upon as much as we desired]: (S, O, Msb, TA:) originally غُيِثْنَا. (TA.) b2: غاث النَّوْرُ (tropical:) The blossom shone. (O, K, TA.) A2: See also 4 in art. غوث.2 غيّث, said of a blind man, He sought, or searched, [or groped, with the hand,] for a thing: (Kr, TA:) also written [عيّث] with [the unpointed] ع, and thus correctly, though ISd thought this latter to be a mistranscription. (TA.) 5 تغيّث He became fat: (K:) said of a camel. (TK.) غَيْثٌ inf. n. of غَاثَ [q. v.]. (S, O, Msb.) b2: And [a subst.] signifying Rain: (S, A, O, Msb, K:) or rain that occupies the space of a بَرِيد [i. e. six miles, or twelve miles,] in width: (AA, O, K:) or rain that is productive of much good; [supposed to belong to art. غوث, for it is added,] because mankind are aided thereby; thus expl. in the “ Sharh esh-Shifè: ” pl. أَغْيَاثٌ [a pl. of pauc.] and غُيُوثٌ. (TA.) [Hence a tropical usage in a saying mentioned voce ثَجَّاجٌ.] b3: And [hence]

ذُبَابُ غَيْثٍ [or ذُبَابُ الغَيْثِ (see ذُبَابٌ) lit. The fly of rain or the fly of the rain] signifies (assumed tropical:) the bee, or bees collectively: so called because the bee seeks after herbage and flowers, which are consequent upon the rain: (IAth, TA:) [for] b4: غَيْثٌ signifies also (tropical:) Herbage (Lth, S, A, O, Msb, K) which grows by means of the water of the sky: (Lth, A, O, K:) called thus by the name of its cause. (Msb.) b5: And (tropical:) Clouds. (S, O, TA.) [See an ex. voce فَرُوقَةٌ.]

غِيَاثٌ, originally غِوَاثٌ, see in art. غوث.

غَيِّثٌ i. q. عَيْلَمُ مَآءٍ [i. e. Water that is beneath a stratum of rock]. (TA.) [Hence] بِئْرٌ ذَاتُ غَيِّثٍ

A well having a constant accession of water. (O, K.) b2: And [hence] فَرَسٌ ذُو غَيِّثٍ (tropical:) A horse that performs, (O,) or that increases [his running], (K, TA,) run after run. (O, K, TA.) أَرْضٌ مَغِيثَةٌ, and ↓ مَغْيُوثَةٌ, (the latter being the original form, TA,) Land watered with rain. (S, O, Msb, K.) غَيْثٌ مُغِيثٌ A general rain. (TA.) [But the epithet مُغِيثٌ evidently belongs to art. غوث; and the phrase properly signifies A rain that gives aid, or succour.]

أَرْضٌ مَغْيُوثَةٌ: see مَغِيثَةٌ.
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