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1 غَيِدَ, aor. غَيَدَ, (L, K,) inf. n. غَيَدٌ, (L,) He had a bending neck, and limber sides: (L, K:) or he had a lax, or limber, neck. (L.) b2: [And غَيِدَت is app. said of a young woman as meaning She was soft, or tender; or soft, or tender, and limber in the sides. (See غَيَدٌ below.) b3: And غَيِدَ He was, or became, drowsy; or drowsy and with a bending of the neck. (See, again, غَيَدٌ below.)]6 تغايد He affected a bending of his body, or he bent his body, from side to side, in his gait. (A.) And تغايدت She (a woman, L) affected a bending of her body, or bent her body, (L, K, TA,) from side to side, (TA,) in her gait, by reason of softness, or limberness. (L, K, TA.) غَادٌ A fresh, tender, juicy twig: (L:) and so غَادَةٌ applied to a tree (شَجَرَةٌ). (L, K.) b2: and the latter, A soft, or tender, goodly, thin-skinned, plump, and fresh, or flourishing, young woman: (L:) or, (S, A, L, K,) as also ↓ غَيْدَآءُ, (S, A, K,) a woman, soft, or tender: (S, A:) or soft, or tender, and limber (L, K, TA) in the sides. (TA.) غِيدِ غِيدِ, or غِيدْ غِيدْ, (accord. to different copies of the K,) Hasten thou; make haste; be quick: (K:) a word of the people of Esh-Shihr. (TA.) غَيَدٌ [mentioned above as an inf. n.], in a woman, (S, K,) or in a young woman, (L,) Softness, or tenderness, (S, L, K,) and limberness (L, K) of the sides. (L.) b2: And Drowiness: (A:) [or drowsiness with a bending of the neck: see أَغْيَدُ.]

غَيْدَانٌ The prime, spring, or first part, of youth. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K, TA.) أَغْيَدُ A plant, or herbage, soft, or tender, and bending. (L, K.) b2: And (tropical:) A place abounding with plants, or herbage, (O, K, TA,) bending by reason of softness. (O.) b3: Also A man, and a gazelle, having a bending neck, and limber sides: or having a lax, or limber, neck. (L.) And [the fem.] غَيْدَآءُ (L, K) A woman (L) who bends her body, or affects a bending thereof, by reason of her softness, or limberness. (L, K.) See also غَادٌ. b4: Also Drowsy, and having a bending of the neck: (S, A, L, K:) fem. غَيْدَآءُ: (TA:) and pl. غِيدٌ. (L.) الكَرَى الأَغْيَدُ, occurring in a verse cited voce صُبَابَةٌ [q. v.], means (tropical:) Drowsiness that makes one to bend the neck from side to side. (L, TA.)
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