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أس1 فَأَسَ, (S, M, O, K,) aor. فَاَ^َ, inf. n. فَأَسٌ, (M, K,) He struck (AHn, S, O, Msb, K) him, or it, (S, O,) or a tree, (AHn, M,) with a فَأْس: (AHn, S, M, O, K:) he cut him, or it, (M,) or a tree, (TA,) therewith: (M:) he clave, (M, O, K,) or split, (T, O,) a piece of wood, (M,) or one's head, (O,) therewith. (M, K.) b2: He hit (S, K) a man (S) in the فَأْس of the head. (S, K.) A2: He ate wheat, or other food. (O, K, * TA.) فَأْسٌ A certain implement of iron, (M,) with which one digs; [i. e., a kind of hoe; thus called in the present day; generally having a blade more long than wide, and a short handle; altogether resembling an adz:] (Kr, M:) and with which one cuts; [i. e., an adz; and an axe; both also thus called in the present day; more commonly the former; used for cutting, cleaving, and splitting, trees and wood, (see فَأَسَ,) and for hewing, forming, or fashioning, wood &c.: (see also قَدُومٌ:)] (M:) a thing well known: (A, K:) [applied also to a pickaxe: (see صَاقُورٌ:)] the ء in this word may be suppressed: (Msb:) it is of the fem. gender: (M, Msb, K:) the pl. (of pauc., O) is أَفْؤُسٌ (M, O, Msb, K) and (of mult., O) فُؤُوسٌ, (S, M, O, Msb, K,) and, accord. to some, فُؤْسٌ. (TA.) b2: فَأْسُ اللِّجَامِ [A certain part of the bit; namely,] the [tongue of] iron that stands up towards [so I render here the particle فِى] the حَنَك [here meaning the palate, against which it is made to press when the rein is drawn hard for the purpose of checking the horse]; (IDrd in his book on the Saddle and Bridle, [in one part of which he likens to it the tongue of a buckle,] S, M, A, O, K;) the iron that stands up in the شَكِيمَة; (T;) or, as some say, that which is in the middle of the شكيمة, between the مِسْحَلَانِ: (ISh:) the شكيمة is the iron that lies across in the mouth, [i. e., the bit-mouth, or mouth-piece of the bit,] and the مِسْحَل is an iron [i. e. a ring of iron, one of a pair of rings which are inserted each into the other, in the place of our curbchain,] beneath the حَنَك [here meaning the part between the two sides of the lower jaw]: (IDrd:) or, as some say, [and among them Kr.] the transverse iron in the bit; (M;) but this assertion requires consideration. (TA.) You say, فُلَانٌ يَلُوكُ لِسَانَهُ فِى الكَلَامِ كَمَا يَعْلِكُ الفَرَسُ فَأْسَ اللِّجَامِ [Such a one mumbles his tongue in speaking like as the horse moves about in his mouth the فأس of the bit]. (A.) b3: فَأْسُ الرَّأْسِ, (S, O, K,) or فَأْسُ القَفَا, (M,) The edge of the قَمَحْدُوَة [or hinder part of the back of the head], that projects above the back of the neck; [i. e., the small protuberance above the back of the neck:] (S, O, K:) or the hinder part of the قمحدوة. (M.) b4: فَأْسُ الرَّحَى

The [protuberant] part of the [nether, or lower,] mill-stone, in the middle of which is [fixed] the axis. (Kzw, description of Ursa Minor.) b5: And hence, الفَأْسُ The Constellation of Ursa Minor. (Idem, same place.) b6: فَأْسُ الفَمِ The extremity of the mouth, in which are the teeth. (M.) b7: اِجْعَلْ هٰذَا الأَمْرَ فَأْسًا وَاحِدًا means Make thou this affair to be [uniform, or] of one way or mode or manner. (ISk, TA in art. بأج.)
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