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أم1 فَأَمَ, [or فَأَمَ العُشْبَ, as is shown by an ex. in the S and TA,] aor. فَاَ^َ, [inf. n. فَأْمٌ, TK,] He (a camel) filled his mouth with herbage; (IAar, S, K;) as also فَئِمَ, (K, TA,) like فَرِحَ; (TA; [in the CK فَأَّمَ;]) and ↓ تَفَآءَمَ. (AA, T, K, TA.) b2: And فَأَمَ, (T,) or فَأَمَ مِنَ المَآءِ, aor. as above, (K,) He satisfied his thirst with drinking of water. (T, K.) b3: And فَأَمَ فِى الشَّرَابِ He drank with his mouth, not with his hand nor with any other thing, a gulp, or a draught, (نَفَسًا,) of the wine, or beverage; (T, TA;) said of a man: (TA:) app. from أَفْأَمَ signifying “ he filled ” a vessel: and صَأَمَ signifies the same. (T, TA.) A2: See also 4.2 فَاَّ^َ see 4. b2: تَفْئِيمٌ signifies also The making wide a leathern bucket. (T, TA.) b3: And [app. as inf. n. of فُئِّمَ, first signifying The being made wide, and then, as a subst.,] largeness, bulkiness, or corpulence, and wideness. (TA.) b4: See, again, 4.4 افأم He widened, (S, M, K,) and added to, a [camel's saddle such as is called] قَتَب, (S, K,) and [such as is called] a رَحْل, (S,) or a [woman's camel-vehicle such as is called] هَوْدَج, in its lower part; (M;) and ↓ فأّم, (S, M, K,) inf. n. تَفْئِيمٌ, (S, K,) signifies the same: and the epithets ↓ مُفْأَمٌ and ↓ مُفَأَّمٌ are then applied thereto. (S, M, K.) b2: [And He widened a leathern water-bag by inserting a third skin between the two other skins: see the pass. part. n. below, and see also شَعِيبٌ.]

b3: And He filled a vessel (T, TA) or a leathern bucket: (TA:) and so أَفْعَمَ. (T, TA.) b4: أُفْئِمَ حَارِكُهُ His (a camel's) withers became full of fat: (S:) [or] so حَارِكُهُ ↓ فَئِمَ, like فَرِحَ [in measure], accord. to the K, but correctly فُئِمَ, like عُنِىَ: (TA:) [or the latter verb is app. ↓ فُئِّمَ: for] the epithets applied thereto [whether to the camel or to the withers is not clearly shown] are ↓ مُفْأَمٌ (S, TA) and ↓ مُفَأَّمٌ, meaning fat, and wide within: in the K, erroneously, مِفْأَمٌ and مِفْآمٌ, like مِنْبَرٌ and مِحْرَابٌ. (TA.) 6 تَفَاَّ^َ see 1, first sentence.

قَطَعُوهُ فُؤَمًا, [the latter word] like صُرَد, (K,) or قَطَعُوا الشَّاةَ فُؤْمًا فُؤْمًا, (so in the T accord. to the TT,) i. e. [They cut it, or the sheep, or goat,] into a number of pieces. (T, K.) فِئَامٌ A thing that is spread to sit upon or to lie upon, (S, M, K,) pertaining to the [women's camel-vehicles called] مَشَاجِر [pl. of مِشْجَرٌ], (M,) or to [those called] هَوَادِج, (K,) or to both of these: (S:) or, as some say, a هَوْدَج that is widened in its lower part by something added thereto: or a burden equiponderant to another burden, like a sack with a small mouth, with which the vehicle of a woman is covered; one being placed on one side, and another [app. close to the former] on the other side: (M:) pl. فُؤُمٌ [with two dammehs]. (S, M, K.) b2: [And A piece that is added to a leathern water-bag. (See شَعِيبٌ; under which it is loosely explained: and see 4 in this art.)]

A2: Also A company of men: (T, S, M, K:) a pl. having no proper sing.: (S, K:) the vulgar say فِيَامٌ, without ء: (S:) [or] they say فَيَام: (thus in the T accord. to the TT:) [but ISd says,] فَيَامٌ and فِيَامٌ have this meaning; otherwise I should say that فِيَام is a modified form, for alleviation, from فِئَام. (M in art. فيم.) أَفْآمٌ [a pl. of which the sing. is not mentioned] The four parts whence the water pours forth, between the extremities of the cross-pieces of wood (العَرَاقِى), of the leathern bucket. (Th, M.) مُفْأَمٌ: see 4, first sentence. b2: مَزَادَةٌ مُفْأَمَةٌ [A leathern water-bag] widened with a third skin (T, M) between the two [other] skins: [see شَعِيبٌ:] and in like manner دَلْوٌ مُفْأَمَةٌ [app. meaning a widened leathern bucket]. (M.) b3: And سِقَآءٌ مُفْأَمٌ [A skin for water or milk] filled. (TA.) b4: See also 4, last sentence.

مُفَأَّمٌ: see 4, first and last sentences.

فانيد and فانيذ فَانِيدٌ and فَانِيذٌ: see art. فند.
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