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فَاثُورٌ A [basin such as is termed] طَسْت; (M, L, K;) thus it means with the vulgar: (L:) or a طَسْت of gold, or of silver: (O:) or the طَسْتَخَان, (T, K,) or طَشْتَخَان, (O, and so in some copies of the K,) [i. e. a large circular tray, of brass or other metal, which serves as a table for food, being generally placed upon a stool, the persons who eat sitting on the floor]; (Lth, T, Z, O, K;) thus it means with the vulgar: (Lth, T, Z, O:) or a خِوَان [or table upon which food is eaten], made of marble, (Lth, T, S, M, O, K,) by the people of Syria, who thus call it, (Lth, T, O,) or of silver, (T, S, M,) and the like, (S,) or of gold: (M, K:) or of any kind accord. to some: (TA:) or a جَام [q. v.] of silver, (T, Nh, TA,) or of gold: (Nh, TA:) [but this seems to be virtually a repetition; for it is said that] ↓ فَاثُورِيَّةٌ, occurring in a verse of Lebeed, means أَخْوِنَةٌ [pl. of pauc. of خِوَانٌ] (T, O) and جَامَاتٌ [which is pl. of جَامٌ accord. to IAar, or of جَامَةٌ accord. to IB, who holds جَامٌ to be likewise a pl. of جَامَةٌ]: (T:) فَاثُورٌ is a word of the people of Syria and ElJezeereh: (M:) and it signifies (S, O, L) in the dial. of the people of El-Jezeereh, (L,) a مَائِدَة [sometimes meaning table in an absolute sense, but properly one with food upon it]: (S, O, L:) [hence,] one says, هُمْ عَلَى فَاثُورٍ وَاحِدٍ (Lth, T, S, M, O, L, TA) i. e. عَلَى مَائِدَةٍ وَاحِدَةٍ, (S, O, L, TA,) and مَنْزِلَةٍ وَاحِدَةٍ, (S, O, TA,) and بَسَاطٍ

وَاحِدٍ, (O, TA, [in both of which the former word is without any vowel-sign to the ب so that it may be either بَسَاطٍ or بِسَاطٍ,]) or بَسْطٍ واحدٍ, (TT as from the M,) or as though meaning على بساطٍ

واحدٍ, thus expl. by Lth, as said of the people of Syria and El-Jezeereh: (TT as from the T:) [it means, app., They are living upon one kind of fare; upon one footing; upon one level or stratum:] in the copies of the K, [or in the generality of the copies thereof,] الفَاثُورُ is expl. as signifying المَنْزِلَةُ and النَّشَاطُ; but النشاط is a mistake for البساط. (TA. [My MS. copy of the K has the right reading (البساط), without any trace of alteration.]) b2: Also (tropical:) The breast, or bosom: (K:) or a wide breast or bosom; applied by a poet to that of a woman; as being likened to the خِوَان so called. (M.) b3: And (tropical:) The disk of the sun (S, * O, K) is called its فاثور as being likened to the طَسْت so called. (O.) b4: And (tropical:) A [bowl such as is termed]

جَفْنَة; (M, K, TA;) thus with [the tribe of] Rabee'ah; (M, TA;) for the like reason. (TA.) b5: And A [vessel such as is termed] نَاجُود and بَاطِيَة (AA, T, O, K) and مِصْحَاة; all which words mean the same thing. (AA, O, TA.) b6: And, accord. to the R, A [molten piece such as is termed] سَبِيكَة of silver: and some say, a silver إِبْرِيق [or ewer]. (TA.) A2: Also A company of men upon the frontier of a hostile country, that go after the enemy, in pursuit. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) b2: And A spy; syn. جَاسُوسٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K.) فَاثُورِيَّةٌ: see the preceding paragraph, former half.
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