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1 فَحَّتِ الأَفْعَى, aor. فَحُّ and فَحِّ, (S, K,) the former dev. from a general rule, which requires the aor. of a verb of this class when intrans. to be with kesr only, (S,) inf. n. فَحِيحٌ (S, K) and فَحٌّ and تَفْحَاحٌ, (K,) [the last an intensive form,] The viper [hissed, or] made a sound to proceed from its mouth: (S, K, TA: [see a verse cited voce مِطْحَانٌ:]) or what is meant by this verb is [it made a sound by] the rubbing of one part of its skin against another part: or (TA) its making a sound to proceed from its skin is termed كَشِيشٌ, (S, TA,) or خَفِيفٌ: (As, TA:) some use this verb (فحّت) in relation to any serpent: others, peculiarly in relation to the female of the [serpents called] أَسَاوِد. (TA.) [J gives here a list of intrans. verbs of this class which have the aor. with damm, anomalously, and also with kesr; and a list of trans. verbs of the same class which have the aor. with kesr, anomalously, and also with damm: but both lists are defective; and it would be difficult to make them complete.] b2: And فَحَّ, (L, K,) aor. فَحِّ, inf. n. فَحِيحٌ; (L;) and ↓ فَحْفَحَ; said of a man, (assumed tropical:) He blew in his sleep, (L, K,) making a sound like the فَحِيح of the viper. (IDrd.) R. Q. 1 فَحْفَحَ: see the preceding paragraph. b2: Also, [inf. n. فَحْفَحَةٌ,] (assumed tropical:) He (a man, TA) was, or became, affected with a hoarseness, roughness, harshness, or gruffness, in his voice. (K.) [See also فَحْفَحَةٌ, below.]

A2: And He (a man, TA) was, or became, true and sincere in love, or affection. (IAar, K.) فُحَّةٌ The heat, or burning quality, of pepper. (K.) فُحُحٌ Vipers: (L:) or vipers in a state of excitement, (هَائِجَةٌ [perhaps meaning initum appetentes], K, TA,) made to come forth [from their lurking-places: so called] from the sounds of their mouths. (TA.) فَحِيحٌ an inf. n. of 1 [q. v.]. (S, K, &c.) [Freytag explains it as signifying also The first braying of the young camel, which, by reason of its acuteness, is likened to the hissing of the serpent.]

فَحْفَحَةٌ [inf. n. of فَحْفَحَ, q. v.] b2: Also The voice's being reiterated in the throat, or fauces, resembling hoarseness, roughness, harshness, or gruffness. (L.) b3: And Speech, or talk. (Kr, TA.) b4: فَحْفَحَةُ هُذَيْلٍ means Hudheyl's pronunciation of ح as ع: [a characteristic of the tribe of Hudheyl, or of some persons of that tribe,] mentioned by Es-Suyootee in the Mz and [by the same author in] the Iktiráh. (MF, TA.) فَحْفَاحٌ A man (L) having a hoarse, harsh, or gruff, voice. (L, K.) b2: And A man speaking, or talking: or talkative. (TA.) b3: And الفَحْفَاحُ is the name of A river in Paradise. (S, K.)
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